Monday, June 1, 2015

#HDBlogSquad ~ Project Deck (Part 1)

Hello Monday and happy June 1st! It might have been pouring rain on Saturday and only 9C on a cloudy Sunday, but I am pumped and high in spirit teaming up with The Home Depot to give my Dad's deck a much needed makeover to celebrate Father's Day and the arrival of Summer!

Here it is folks, Project Deck for #HDBlogSquad ~ Summer 2015 Edition, and here are my key building blocks:

Despite of its age, the deck is in pretty good shape (after 25 years since we moved into the house) and I am excited to transform this tired family gathering space into an outdoor oasis for many summer seasons to come.

Seating capacity is crucial when we host family BBQ, and my Dad loves to spend his mornings on the deck reading the papers.  So my first order to the task is to find the perfect couch that's low maintenance, stylish, and comfortable.  Given the shape and dimension of the deck, I've nailed the perfect sectional (in size, style, and color) from the Home Depot.  As for the jackpot, the set has an ottoman that comes with built-in storage! How perfect is that for storing pillows and blankets right?

Task 2: Dad loves to barbecue in the summer and I hate seeing him traveling between the kitchen and the barbecue to cook up dinner.  On that note, I am on a mission to find a charcoal barbecue (we don't have a gas line) that has a nice surface for tray / plates & easy garbage solution.  

  • LCD countdown cook timer
  • heavy-duty BBQ System cooking grates
  • one-touch cleaning system and high capacity ash catcher
  • sturdy painted metal table 

And of course we need to see clearly when we cook, and I have found a LED outdoor light that is sophisticated and energy efficient.    

We have just enough real estate to fit a cozy breakfast nook with a pair of Margie Stack Chairs on the deck.  Lacking flower beds or mature trees at this corner, I've found three elevated planters with open shelves to create a lush backdrop with practical storage.

One last area of focus is the stair.  Bare bone basic is what we have and my dream is to use beautiful cedar as the top boards, close off the gaps between steps, and install these mini LED lights to lead the way at nights.     

We are working super hard to make sure this makeover will be ready for Father's Day on June 21st.  Come back next week for a progress update on #ProjectDeck! Don't forget to check out my #HDBlogSquad buddies for their makeovers:
image via Rambling Renovators
image via My.Daily.Randomess
image via AKA Design


  1. I guess they're all necessary but if you manage to make the stairs close to the ones in the example picture, you're the man. It would look just perfect.

    1. I wish too Diane! It would be as nice as the inspiration but I am surely putting in some LED lights!

  2. Everyone's projects are coming along/turned out so well! I'm completely impressed! The plan for your dad's deck sounds pretty darn great. He's going to love you even more once it is done!