Friday, May 1, 2015

The Morning Show ~ Outdoor Oasis w/ The Home Depot

Hello Friday! With temperature staying at double dights and the cherry blossoms are expected for next weekend at High Park, it is sure to say spring is finally here and you know what that means? It's time to plan our gardens and create an outdoor oasis to welcome summer!

I worked along side with the talented Chris Palmer, Tiffany Pratt, and Heidi Richter to showcase the fabulous spring / summer products at The Home Depot earlier this year and we all had a blast!

Fast forward to April, each of us were on The Morning Show sharing our tips on how to maximize the enjoyment of our outdoor spaces.  First up is Chris on The Outdoor Man Cave.

Remember my sleek and multi-functional city dweller's balcony?

Well here it was, recreated for the Morning Show!

Heidi's vignette is all about the ultimate outdoor dining space.  I love her choice of bright red and how well it works with warm wood tone.

Here is Heidi sharing tips on The Trend Setter Patio:

And of course we all love Tiffany! Who wouldn't want to hang out here on those perfect summer nights?

Want to learn how to add DIY touches to your patio? Tiffany is here to help!

Are you working on your garden this weekend? I am hitting The Home Depot this weekend to check out the garden centers! 


  1. Uhm, how did I not know you were on TV?? You did so fantastic in your segment! You'd looked great and were really well-spoken. Love the balcony setup. You had some really useful and practical tips. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Jen!! I did that a few weeks ago and it happened to be on a windy and rainy day, but what fun! I quite enjoyed it and yes, would love to do it again! Today would have been the perfect day to chat outdoor oasis! Welcome spring and hello sun!!