Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sarah's Rental Cottage ~ Bathroom & Kitchen

Hello Tuesday! We are down to the final two makeovers at Sarah's Rental Cottage and if kitchens and bathrooms sell houses in the city, this spa bathroom + beautifully designed kitchen will definitely have renters lined up to spend a week at this mid-century inspired paradise!

photo courtesy of HGTV Canada
Let's start in the bathroom.  It was small, dark, dressed head to toe with knotty pine, and the three medicine cabinets were crowding the sink & proven to be dysfunctional.

photos courtesy of HGTV Canada
And here is the completely transformed serene oasis outfitted in a palette of crisp white and delicate minty green.

photo courtesy of HGTV Canada
The space feels so much bigger and brighter thanks to a fresh coat of white paint on all walls, a newly installed full height window (and some trees trimming), and say hello to the ming green mosaic floor! It's not an inexpensive floor option but it's relatively easy to install with not too many cuts, making it money well spent for a luxe statement without blowing the budget.

My favorite element in this bathroom has got to the be the glass shelves.  I love how everything is now on display and what a clever idea to make the most out of the space that previously housed the unattractive medicine cabinet.

The mirror is a sensation score and for those who would like to achieve a similar look, here are the key components for your makeover:

photo courtesy of HGTV Canada | products: sink / tile / faucet / paint
It's time to check out the kitchen.  It was tight, enclosed space with the appliances and storage all cramped into a tiny dark corner, and there was a bank of "upper cabinets" at eye level blocking the breathtaking view.   If you have to do the dishes in this cottage kitchen, wouldn't you at least want to cheer yourself up with the gorgeous sunset view of  Georgian Bay?

photos courtesy of HGTV Canada
Well Sarah and Tommy have changed all that and hello to a delightful cottage kitchen of your dreams.

photo courtesy of HGTV Canada
Open concept, tons of storage, durable surface, and what fun with the two-toned kitchen cabinets!  The white washed ceiling complements the charming blue and white palette perfectly, especially when pairing with other natural wood accents such as the countertop and the wall clock.  Loving the pops of bright turquoise to echo the crystal clear lake water right by the deck.    

photos courtesy of HGTV Canada
Planning to freshen up your cottage kitchen this season? Here are three smart tips from Sarah & Tommy:

  • simple cabinet door profile for a timeless look (don't forget to have some fun with colors & knobs!)
  • practical stainless steel sink and faucet in chrome finish for easy maintenance 
  • bar stools for casual meals (fab space savers as they are tucked right under the peninsula)

photos courtesy of HGTV Canada
I have always admired and amazed by Sarah's creativity with kitchen layouts and how she repurposes IKEA cabinets.  Check out this kitchen plan for example:

photos courtesy of HGTV Canada
By turning the corner cabinet facing "out" and setting back the three cabinets that form the island, Sarah now has full access to a traditionally dead corner with wasted space, and a sensational spot to dine.

Never lose sight of details! These brand new cabinets look like they were original to the cottage thanks to the wood panels installed on the wall and on the side of the cabinets.  Bravo!

photos courtesy of HGTV Canada
I hope you are as inspired by Sarah's Rental Cottage as much as I do.  Though I don't have a cottage of my own to transform, I am most certainly chatting up some friends to see if we want to spend a week at Sarah's cottage next summer!  And if you want to rent Sarah's cottage, now is the time to book! Check out the details here.

image via Sarah Richardson Design