Thursday, May 14, 2015

#HDBlogSquad ~ Balcony Refresh

Happy Thursday! The May long weekend is almost here and with the days getting longer, the sun shining brighter, and the temperature reaching 30C at times, I think it's time for us to get ready for summer!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I have been busy the last few weeks potting seeds, visiting the garden centers at The Home Depot, and getting the balcony ready to welcome the arrival of spring & summer!

I absolutely love all the colors in the balcony this year and before I show you how all the key elements came together, here is a flashback of the balcony from a couple of weeks ago: the dried mums from the last fall, the poor dogwoods that didn't survive our long and brutally cold winter, and the slightly faded floor tiles.

And thanks to a lot of help from The Home Depot, the balcony is now filled with fresh fragrance herbs and colorful, sumptuous blooms!

I know I want a herb garden this year since I was totally in love with this metal trellis from The Home Depot spring preview and my segment for The Morning, I have incorporated it into the balcony this year.  My herb garden journey started a few weeks ago with the pot seed starter, some soil, and a variety of seeds.  Not all of them have sprouted but I am excited to report that the coriander is happy and growing!

The garden centers are now open at The Home Depot and a little tip for you all, go pick your plants now before the best ones are gone!  The plant materials are fresh and there are lots of options to choose from.

Picking the right plants that suit the condition of your space is key to having a beautiful and low maintenance outdoor oasis.  The balcony has morning sun and is in shade for the afternoon, so I consulted the experts at the garden center and nailed down my options for sensational blooms throughout the summer to:

After picking the plants, I was ready to put them in the planters.  The hydrangeas fit perfectly inside the tall planters and re-planting was not required (yay).  As for the yellow begonia, here is my four-step process to transform a hanging basket into a stunning planter delight:

  • take out the dead dogwood and replace the top layer of old soil with the fresh triple mix to ensure the begonia gets plenty of nutrients 
  • turn the begonia on its side and gently squeeze the pot to loosen up the soil so I could easily take the plant out of its pot
  • separate the plant into smaller portions (usually there are multiple plants in one basket)
  • place the plants into the planter and allow some space between plants to encourage growth  

A couple hours of garden pleasure and the balcony looked a million times better already!

Here is my refreshed balcony for spring / summer 2015!

I just can't tell you enough how much I love all the vibrant colors, the mix of patterns, and the healthy, beautiful flowers I have in this city dweller's balcony. 

This balcony surely is my favorite spot for reading the morning papers, enjoying a light meal for lunch, and chatting with Chris over a glass of wine in the evenings.

Do you have plan to makeover your garden / balcony this May long weekend? I would love to hear your plans!

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