Monday, April 20, 2015

Sarah's Rental Cottage ~ Master Bedroom

Hello Monday! Did you enjoy the absolutely beautiful weather on Saturday? It was almost 20C in Toronto with bright blue sky, and I soaked up all the sun I could in the garden! I don't know about you but the warm breeze and sun-kissed skin have definitely put me in the mood for summer.

Speaking about summer, are you looking for inspirations to spruce up your cottage this year? Sarah and Tommy are back for a head to toe transformation of a dated cottage and today, we are checking out the Master Bedroom makeover.

images courtesy of HGTV Canada
There was really nothing "wrong" with the fundamentals in the master bedroom.  It has a great layout, charming panels and high ceiling, mid-century bedside tables for style + plenty of storage, and the large floor to ceiling windows transform this room into a treehouse.

So what's not working here?  The wall to wall (and ceiling) pine panels make the room looks dark, the floor is structurally sound but needs refinishing, and the window frames with moss growth suggest possible moisture issue / damage.

Here comes the before master bedroom:

images courtesy of HGTV Canada
Want to see the master bedroom? I bet you do!

image courtesy of HGTV Canada
To make this master a bedroom of your dreams, here is are a few of the key elements:

images via: lamp / fan / dressers / bedding / fabrics / mirror / round mirror / chair / table / paint
A fresh coat of white paints on the walls make this treehouse light and airy.  The classic mid-century bedside tables have been refreshed with white paints and stainless steel table tops.  The floor is painted a serene shade of blue grey to echo the crisp, clear bay.  A collection of sumptuous and durable fabrics from Tonic Living provide a dynamite mix between graphic and delicate patterns.  A vintage rattan oval table is an ultimate stylish space saver, and with pairing with a couple of high-back armchairs from IKEA, where do I sign up for this romantic breakfast for two?

To make sure the space is bright and inviting, Sarah and Tommy added a pair of round mirrors above the oval table + a starburst mirror from Vintage Fine Objects (one of my faves in Toronto) over the bed for visual interest and to reflect lights.  The bedside table lamps and the floor lamp create a cozy ambience in the evenings.  

The finished room (and the view) is pretty spectacular right? 

images courtesy of HGTV Canada 
images courtesy of HGTV Canada

image courtesy of HGTV Canada
Before I leave you dreaming about your own cottage makeover, here is an interview Sarah did with Global TV about Sarah's Rental Cottage.  Enjoy! 

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