Thursday, April 23, 2015

One-Stop Shopping Destination ~ ELTE MARKET

Hello Thursday!  The weather surely was unpredictable the last few days.  From bright sunny sky to thunder with hail hitting ground, I am honestly a bit jealous of my friends at the west coast and their cherry blossoms.

Just as the weather, my body has suddenly decided to go on strike.  The stress at work and my obsession with design often result in sleepless nights and requires some superhuman prioritization skills to get it all done.  Well ... guess I am no longer 26 and that an intense back and shoulder pain has kept me in bed for the last few days.

Since I am sitting at home, I figure why not let my fingers do a little looking around on the internet and before I know it, I have arrived at ELTE Market.

image via ELTE Market
ELTE Market is a refined industrial space where style, quality, trend and affordability meet.  With 50,000 square feet to showcase exquisite designs and craftsmanship, the collection at ELTE Market is curated by trendsetters and design experts to look after your every needs including rugs, furniture, home decor, lighting and bedding.  Best of all, everything is in stock! Forget about waiting 8 weeks for delivery.

image via ELTE Market
image via ELTE Market
While shopping online (yes, ELTE Market is also open 24/7 online), I have put together two looks with absolutely everything from ELTE Market ... a little play of his and her faves (or perhaps sleek city living vs elegant country chic all for myself!).   

I believe in keeping the stables as classic as possible and then have fun with accent pieces and accessories.  The timeless statement pieces for the two looks are: the Atom ceiling light, the London Eight 7" tailored sofa, the Danville square cocktail table, and the Bicycle Diptych.  

images via ELTE Market
For the Mad Men inspired room, I have gone all black & white for a sophisticated bachelor look.  The stylish director table lamp + the sexy Exeter end table (wrapped in leather with nickel nailhead trim) are the perfect duo to pair with the luxurious sofa by Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams.  I have picked out three iconic chair options (frankly I couldn't decide which one I like more ... so why not have all three!): AveryWanda, and Charlotte.  Which one is your favorite?

No room is completed without a rug and accessories.  I have selected Ikaria for its art deco flair and the bold pattern adds energy and life to the look.  Throw in a little shimmer thanks to the sparkle pillow, a matte black with copper bowl, and an extra sculptural fun via the metal Geo sculpture, I know a few gentlemen who are ready to move in!

Now for Look #2, I was inspired by the elegance and gracefulness of an incredibly talented designer, Barbara Barry.  Her rooms are light, sophisticated, inviting, and here are the collection I shopped at ELTE Market.

The Crandel end table and the Satin Steel table lamp exude femininity with those slender legs and lamp shade in the most delicate shade of peach.  The light blue linen and light oak legs of the Mika chair had me at hello, while the Armand LL Chair with the creamy white faux fur seat screams Hollywood!  To ground the space I have selected ELK City in ivory ... really who doesn't like a good geometric pattern right?  To wrap up the look, I added the plush snakeskin pillow in pale lavender, the herringbone throw in lemon grass, a gold star objet, and a few pink tulip bundles.

What do you think? I think it's time for you to check out ELTE Market!  The sofa event is on right now, don't miss out!

image via ELTE Market

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