Thursday, April 2, 2015

Inspired ~ Scout Sixteen

Hello Thursday! Easter long weekend is just around the corner, and yours truly is heading to Collingwood for a much needed spa weekend to relax and rejuvenate before a super busy April + May.

When it comes to Easter, I always think of those delicious (and deadly) mini eggs and their pastel colors.  They always look so good in pictures and they are absolutely irresistible    If you know a way to eat just a few and not the entire bag in one shot, please let me know.

While we are on the topic of pastel colors + irresistible items, here is a sensational makeover by Orlando of Homepolish, transforming a blend apartment into a soulful, contemporary home for Justin of Scout Sixteen.

image via scoutsixteen
With two creative, visionary extraordinaires marring their wisdoms from both the fashion and interior design worlds under one roof, you know this makeover is going to goooood!  From laying down the foundation to fine tuning the finishing touches, looks like these boys had a lot of fun pulling it all together.

images via scoutsixteen 
If you have been following Orlando and his makeovers, you will know this vignette is curated by him. A full height open shelf unit needs lots of props and styling.  While I am not sure if all the items here are Justin's treasures, Orlando most certainly gave this vignette an "always been there" look.  Now that's no easy task in the styling world!  A little bit of old, a little bit of new, a touch of vintage, and of course Orlando has to add a fun deer head for an unexpected surprise.

images via scoutsixteen
Designing a space is really all about reflecting the owner's personality and character into a box.  This white box in NYC now screams Justin.  Multi-color hues, striking graphic patterns, and streamlined / tailored furnishings, they all reference to Justin's personality and sense of style! What a chic apartment!

images via scoutsixteen
Thanks guys for sharing this inspiring transformation and Justin, I love your hilarious videos!  Happy Easter to you both, and of course to all of you!  xx

image via scoutsixteen

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  1. The mini eggs are SO hard to resist!! Have a super weekend! Happy Easter!