Monday, March 2, 2015

2015 Spring / Summer ~ The Home Depot x DesignMaze

Hello Monday! Did you all enjoy the warm and sunny first weekend of March? It was only -2C on Sunday and the sun was out with zero wind! Yes I know that's not exactly beach weather, but that's what I get excited about after two months of bitterly cold winter.

What else got me super excited? The Home Depot Spring / Summer Preview 2015, and yours truly was part of the fantastic orange apron team!  That's right, I was one of four curators (along with Tiffany Pratt, Chris Palmer, and Heidi Richter) joining The Home Depot team to create four unique vignettes that best showcase the amazing outdoor products available at The Home Depot AND reflect our design aesthetics / personalities.

Sounds like fun right?  Here is my dream balcony with a lot of help from The Home Depot!    

Before I walk you through the vignette, I would like to show you my design concept.  With approximately 120 square feet, my main goal is to incorporate as much function and seating as possible whether it's an intimate lounging for two or an outdoor party high up in the sky.  Here are the key elements:

  • lounger set that can be easily converted into a sectional by placing one ottoman between the two chairs (clever right?)
  • bistro chairs in pale blue by Martha Stewart Living (of course I need a little Martha in the balcony)
  • contemporary planters, made by recycled materials, throughout the space for greenery and spring blooms (tulips and hyacinths are my favorites
  • creamy white drapery panels for a refreshing & stylish cabana look
  • faux grass ground covering (so you don't even remember you are in the concrete jungle)
  • trellis for your very own herb garden
  • arbor and string lights for a dramatic entrance and a romantic starry night

From Plan to reality, these were the magic moments on set-up day with packing tape, spray paint, and a lot of organization to make sure everything looked absolutely perfect.  A huge thank you to Chris who climbed up the super tall ladder and made my drapery + string light dream possible!   

Ready for the final reveal? Welcome to my Urban Oasis!

image via immrfabulous
The photographer has done an amazing job to capture the essence of my vignette and the colors turned out beautifully.

Here comes the photos I took with my little iPhone.  The natural light made my vignette looked sensational in person, but my photos were totally washed out thanks to the huge window as my backdrop.

The faux grass didn't make it in time for the preview, so we got a couple of striped options as our foundation to set a graphic, contemporary tone.  I loved how they made the bright canary yellow popped and I am crazy about these super cool string lights with an industrial vibe (brand new at The Home Depot in 2015).    

The key to a personalize vignette (so your guests no longer feel like they are in a showroom or preview) is to dress it as if you actually live there.  For example, the drapery panels created a serene and cozy private sanctuary and acted as a divider from the main door.  The water fountain, the flush plants, and the geometric patterns on pillows amplified the hip South Beach pool party look.  To make sure the BBQ didn't look like the odd man out, a little checker napkin and a handsome tong did the trick.

Of course cut tulips and delicious treats are always my party favourites!            

Thanks so much for joining me for a super fun and beautiful kick-off to Spring 2015.  Come back on Thursday for a special tour to be inspired by my fellow curators!

Happy Monday friends! xx  

Oh and winner announcement to the Sarah Style giveaway! Jordana you are the lucky girl to this colorful inspiration book! Congrats!


  1. A great post that ended on such a high note, Tim! I'm excited to FINALLY check out Sarah's book. I've really enjoyed watching her career grow.
    Congrats again on the well-executed spring preview with The Home Depot. Your scene would be perfect for a small balcony in the city. Great use of flowers, outdoor rugs, and curtains.

    1. congrats and thanks Jordana! Maybe I will see you this weekend! xo

  2. Hi Tim,
    You've created a look that is stylish, classic and affordable. Thanks for the inspiration. Now I have to get those contemporary planters!

  3. I love how you styled your area, the colours are so bright! We are all going to need a dose of that this Spring. Congrats to Jordana, I'm sure she can find something white in Sarah's book :)

  4. Hi Tim,

    Love the colour palette! Can you tell me where the hexagon pillows are from?


    1. Hi Ada! They are now available at the Home Depot!