Tuesday, February 3, 2015

IDS 2015 ~ My Faves + Maker

Hello Tuesday! Did you enjoy the SEKTION kitchen special from Style at Home, House & Home, and IKEA Canada last week?  One of the reasons why I love hanging out at IDS Toronto is that you get to check out the latest, innovative, and inspiring installations and products from around the globe.  

What an eye candy by MISSONI Home the moment you stepped on those escalators.  True to the brand's core aesthetic with its classic graphic patterns, I love how the vignette feels fresh, hip, and contemporary with the mix of patterns on the loungers + a playful contrast between the coral chevron on the wall and pastel acid green as ground cover.      

Another super fun installation (an art form really) is the collaboration between Caesarstone and Philippe Malouin, showcasing the strength and durability of this mighty strong quartz surface material.  Thanks Jacob of Jacob Peres and Philippe for the great chat about the inspiration and creation of this year's most playful (perhaps most attendee-participated) installation at IDS Toronto!    

A couple other installations from my two favorite brands: Bocci and Montauk.  I am crazy about the Bocci's collection 28 (especially the striking effect when lined up in a row) and the large scale plaid at Montauk, not just on the sofa but the entire booth! What a bold statement!

I will show you a couple more of my faves next time but today, I want to show you the Maker.  It is a new addition to IDS Toronto but BRAVO!!

Coolican & Company caught my eyes with its simple, elegant, and minimalist approach to both the booth design and their products.  

With carefully selected materials and meticulously handcrafted pieces by master crafters, each piece at Coolican & Company is truly unique, special, and may I say: one of a kind!  Created in small batches, the collections at Coolican & Company are limited, numbered, and are designed to stand the test of time in both style and durability.    

Only three of the Palmerston stools are left on its current batch of 12!  If you are looking for stunning stools, you will want to snatch these handsome stools made with black walnut harvested from the Niagara Escarpment before they are sold out!

Another Maker captivated my attention is Heidi Earnshaw design (furniture) & Susie Osler (ceramics).

The collection is streamlined and articulated beautifully in this simple yet striking display full of Scandi vibe.  The palette of navy, warm white and natural wood reminds me of the Mediterranean Sea.

I am glad to see soulful pieces are once again taking central stage of the design scene, and that people are looking for quality, investment pieces for their home!

Next to the Maker is the lightmaker STUDIO, a Toronto-based light shop that specializes in custom made-to-order lighting fixtures that demand attention! 

I love how lightmaker STUDIO mixes metals in their fixtures and a dynamic blend of mid-century modern and space age styles for a fresh, organic, contemporary statement.  Here are some of my favorites:     

If you are looking for a lighting fixture for your home and you are in the Toronto area, I highly recommend you making an appointment to check out lightmaker STUDIO located in the Distillery District! 

Before I wrap up today's post, I simple couldn't resist to show you how fun it's to bring greens into our home, especially as lighting and furniture pieces! As a member of Urban Jungle Bloggers, I highly recommend Oni Projects by Ryan Taylor!  

See you Thursday friends! xx


  1. Fab round-up Tim!! So cool to be able to join international design shows through blogs! And yes, my favorites are the green solutions from Ryan Taylor, so very Urban Jungle Bloggers!!

    1. so much fun right? wish you were here Igor!