Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Markets ~ Germany Edition

Hello Tuesday! As my #HolidaysinEurope approaching the end of week 2 and we are getting ready to wrap up 2014, I thought perhaps I should pop in to share some of my favourite moments at various Christmas Markets in Germany.

Christmas is huge in Germany, and every city is filled with elaborated festivities to celebrate the holiday season.  Christmas market is a significant part of the tradition, and they all come in different sizes and local flavours.  Our first stop today is at Chris' home town: Erlangen.

The Christmas market in Erlangen is smaller in scale but it is intimate and charming.  I love the pine chips on the ground (nothing reminds me of Christmas more than the smell of pine), the great variety of food options (i.e. currywurst, schnitzels, feuerzangenbowie aka fire sugar mulled wine), and the kid-friendly rides right at the market!

Our next stop is Munich.  I loved its Christmas markets last year and I surely am glad to be back for another visit this year.

Munich has the most diverse themes (medieval, asian, gay-friendly, and of course traditional) at their Christmas markets.  I love trying out different food (in small portions) and if you are like me, Munich is where you want to be for Christmas!

Thanks Igor for an amazing time and your place is so cozy and stylish!

Here is one of my favourite shots from Munich.  I can never get tired of a bright and colorful merry go round.

Augsburg is next and what a beautiful city!

Smaller in scale than Munich, Augsburg has one main Christmas market and a small one for rides.  However, I love the decoration throughout the city and as though the entire city is one big Christmas market!  If you are looking for a fun city to visit for the holidays and don't want to elbow fight with all the other tourists, Augsburg is one fine option.

I wasn't kidding when I said the entire city is one big Christmas market.  Just check out this light and music show at the square! We so need something like that in Toronto! 

Our last stop is Nuremberg, and it is world-famous for the scale of its Christmas markets.  Yes,  Nuremberg is where you will find the largest Christmas market in Germany! 

Aside from its scale, the historic significance of the Nuremberg and its heritage aesthetic caught my eyes.  Although Nuremberg doesn't offer as many variety of food options as Munich (most of the food vendors offer bratwurst on bun or with fries), it does have an international section where it showcases various Christmas traditions and delicacies from around the globe.

As for the scale of Germany's largest Christmas market, Chris was ready to join the crowd (or not)!  

For those of us who live in Toronto, I would say our Christmas market is getting better and better every year.  We may not have a historic building over 400 years old as backdrop, but we certainly have some spectacular lighting in town. 

It's time to get back to some family actions #GermanStyle.  Hope you all are having a fantastic time with your family and friends, and I will see you in 2015!

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