Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shop Local ~ St. Lawrence Antique Market

Hello Tuesday!  What a glorious sunday we had in Toronto after waking up to snow on the round on Saturday morning! Luckily the white stuff wasn't here to stay and we are seeing bright blue sky again in the forecast.  I have been spending most of my weekends in Waterloo this year and even when I was in town, I generally didn't get to check out the St. Lawrence Antique Market, as you could imagine spending hours looking for hidden gems thrills Chris.

Anyhow, the past weekend presented itself as the perfect opportunity to hit the antique market thanks to the beautiful weather and that Chris was away of a business trip.  As most of the other outdoor antique markets ended their season by end of October, the St. Lawrence Antique Market is definitely a treasure hunting destination on Sundays for months to come.

As always, the St. Lawrence Antique Market offers a great variety of items ranging from decorative accessories to home furnishings and vintage fashion finds.  There are a lot to see and you most certainly want to check out the entire market twice as you may just discover something on the second go around.  If you are looking for unique furniture pieces, I suggest you hit the outdoor central corridor.

I have found a fabulous vintage coffee table and dresser both with beautiful detailing and painted a charming robin's egg blue.  Best of all, the paint was more like a stain and the wood grains are still visible.  Looking for a unique piece to jazz up your country home?  Check out this side table ideal for a foyer or living room refresh!

I generally find the outdoor section of the market more interesting as you just never know what you will stumble upon.  For example, I was tempted by the brass umbrella stand with the lucite cane, a solid brass king of the jungle, and an elephant sculpture for an ultra eclectic space.

Heading indoor, my eyes were immediate drawn to all the Cloisonné items.  Bracelets, miniature tea set, vases, napkin rings and cookie jars, I loved them all! The only thing I noticed through was that not all pieces were authentically vintage and the prices varied significantly from vendor to vendor.  So I've decided to do more homework on Cloisonné before making my move.

This emerald green beauty is most definitely my favourite.  Just check out the detail!

Now that we are officially in November, retailers are in full blown holiday mode.  If you are planning for an old world inspired tree for this Christmas, you may want to check out the St. Lawrence Antique Market for some vintage and super charming ornaments! Love the jewel tones and the hand painted patterns for instant appeals you simply can't buy new.

Other items I was tempted to pre-shop for #ProjectPredevelopment include:

  • cozy striped wool blanket
  • playful Playboy bunny print
  • art deco vintage clock
  • handsome collection of Shakespeare 

So what did I actually bring home you wonder? Well I passed up a set of solid stone bookends on my #eastcoastvacay due to their weights.  Look at what I've found? This pair is actually more pure white than the other set I found in Nova Scotia, and are you ready for this? This pair was only $5!

Chris wants a casserole and I have found him this adorable bunny number! Christmas present: CHECKED!

Many of you know I have a weakness of collecting furniture (and fabrics, and pillows, and vases), and this not so antique demi lune (upon inspection, I suspect it is probably a recent production) with beautiful scallop edge, a hidden drawer, and an elegant front leg that screams art deco to me.  I am planning to use it in the foyer a #ProjectPredevelopement (maybe remove the back legs and have it wall mounted) and I know Tim of Beresford will be able to bring my vision to life!

The best part of it all is that St. Lawrence Market is right next to the serene St. James Park and the beautiful St. James Cathedral.  So I actually sat on the bench with a hot coco soaking up the sun after treasure hunting at the antique market.

Have you been to the St. Lawrence Antique Market? I would love to know what treasures you have found!


  1. We call it the 'sh*t sale' but happily go once every month or two. You'd be surprised what you can find so close to home!! PS we got married at the cathedral so it is nice to check it out every now and again.

    Hope you are doing well Tim!

    1. I hear ya! you do need to dig through the piles to find a real gem! I had once picked up a faux bamboo bench there for $30! Just never know what you are going to find there!

      The cathedral and the park are just so beautiful in the fall. Love the colors!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day Tim! Love the table! Pretty photo of the cathedral and park. Do you use a special app or filter for this? Love the colours!

    1. We should go together Debra! For the photos, I use the basic instagram filters ... just playing with lighting, highlight, contrast, and shadow :)

      Let's meet up for a photo chat over coffee!