Friday, November 14, 2014

House Beautiful ~ Color Inspirations

Hello Friday! I don't know about you but this damp, cold, and grey weather has left me deprived for brightness and colors!  So today we are all about inspiring homes filled with bold colors, intricate patterns, and spectacular statement pieces from the December Issue of House Beautiful.

image via House Beautiful
What a decadent and glamorous entrance in hollywood regency / chippendale style!! Love the scale of the white vintage faux bamboo chandelier, the fretwork motif that carries from the back of the bench to all the walls in the entire room, and the striking impact from the juxtaposition between crisp bright white and lush minty green! That pop of blood orange via the throw and seat cushion on the bench is ingenious!  

image via House Beautiful
Vibrant orange and the marriage of soft white with natural materials / neutral palette continues throughout this sensational home.  I felt like I am in a luxurious hotel in the Bahamas the moment I saw this hallway, and who wouldn't want to spend the night in these sumptuous and beautifully decorated bedrooms? 

images via House Beautiful
Just as we had our first snow of the season in Toronto yesterday, I am absolutely ready to jet down south to enjoy a cocktail in this fabulous outdoor oasis.  Paisley, chevron, stripe, diamond, and solid, this cozy, breezy patio has it all! That awning, I will have to work that into my next balcony makeover somehow!    

images via House Beautiful
Our next stop is an apartment in Manhattan.  It may not be as bright as our first home, but the designer's commitment to bold colors, graphic patterns, and daring arts had me wanting more.  Neon yellow, minty turquoise, flirty fuchsia, plush purple velvet, race car red, and lush kelly green, this room has it all!  The loud colors work together harmoniously in this space as they all share the same level of intensity.  By keeping decorative accessories / patterns at minimum means the chinoiserie wallpaper is designed to evoke our senses.  

The most incredible trick of all is that the real star in this room is the black and white portrait.  What a powerful way to inject importance and presence in a room that is filled with eye catching colors!

image via House Beautiful
A sumptuous and restful private retreat, and may I just say I am crazy about the kelly green!  

image via House Beautiful
Bold patterns and high gloss lacquered walls continue to dominate my creative minds.  This zebra wallpaper by Scalamandre is definitely one strong contender in the guest bath for #ProjectPreconstruction.  High gloss walls with built-in + sofa + sconces, have I not told you that's happening in the guest bedroom?      

images via House Beautiful
While I am still mapping out the kitchen layout, this kitchen of the month designed by Matthew Quinn caught my eyes as it illustrates what I want to achieve in my design.  
  • striking feature wall 
  • beautiful and functional island with multiple levels for food prep and casual dining
  • sensational pendants   

image via House Beautiful 
Loving the beautiful sightline, the handsome hardware, and the sink at the corner idea may just be what I will do in my own kitchen to avoid having the sink right opposite of the stove (so two people can cook and do dishes at the same time).

image via House Beautiful
Hope you are loving the colourful inspirations too and have a fantastic weekend friends! xoxo

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