Friday, October 31, 2014

Your Next Kitchen w/ Panasonic Cooking

Hello Halloween Friday! The weekend is almost here and with the weather taking a dip to the single digit, I may stay in to look after some long overdue paper work and perhaps cook myself some lunches for the week.  My schedule is pretty hectic during the week.  So Chris and I usually cook up a storm on Sunday and survive the week via microwave.

I was at the Panasonic Cooking event this week, and was amazing by how easy it was to prepare a fresh and delicious meal with an incredible line of kitchen appliances.

image via Your Next Kitchen, Panasonic Cooking
Baking a sensational chocolate cake without the oven and a beautiful seared salmon with crispy crust is no longer a two step process (pan fried first and then broil in the oven), that's the magic I learned at the #panasonicstyle event with the fabulous Janette Ewen and amazing cook Chef Craig Harding of Campanolo.  I am getting hungry just looking at these plates again.  I may just have to try cooking a couple of them at home this weekend.    

Now speaking about Panasonic Cooking, the company has recently launched a new website filled with experts' tips and advices on how to create the kitchen of your dreams.  Thinking about a kitchen remodeling?  Janette shares her knowhow on kitchen excellence with her signature three-step approach:   

image via Your Next Kitchen, Panasonic Cooking
Narrowing down your personal style maybe easier than you think with the innovative tool that guides you though critical decisions such as paint, backsplash, counter top, cabinet, floor, and more importaly appliances at Pansonic Cooking.  I looked over the options and here is my style!

image via Your Next Kitchen, Panasonic Cooking
Now that you have defined your style, it is time to plan the most efficient and effective kitchen layout that is both practical and beautiful.  Kitchen and bathroom sell houses ... this is not the area where you want to make a wrong investment. 

I am planning my dream kitchen on paper at the moment, and Janette has got me covered from essential kitchen layout to top mistakes to watch out for when desiging the ultimate entertaining kitchen.  Remember I was cooking up a kitchen layout last week, this U-shape layout is absolutely perfect for my open-concept kitchen / entertaining central.  Thanks Janette!!
image via Your Next Kitchen, Panasonic Cooking

Step 3 is to pick the right appliances.  Luckily Panasonic Cook has done all the hard work and created the dream kitchen trio (oven, cooktop, and microwave) that married state-of-the-art technology and great design.  Let's face it, I would probably pick my appliances based on a look vs. function ratio of 60:40, especially when most specs sheets tend to put me to sleep.  So not only was I blown away by how sleek and stylish the Panasonic Cooking appliances look, but also how efficiently the appliances were in creating the mouth-watering meals for us at the event. 

Seeing these appliances in action certainly makes me a true believer.  Now if you also get headache reading specs sheets like me, Pansonic Cooking has summarized all the important facts in three informative videos.  Have a look:


Built-in Oven

Induction Cooktop

The Pansonic Cooking website also includes a section filled with simple to prepare delicious recipes. Here is one of my favourites!

image via Your Next Kitchen, Panasonic Cooking
Are you planning or tackling a kitchen redesign? I would love to hear from you! 

Happy Halloween friends! xo

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