Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bathroom Inspiration with Sarah Richardson

Hello Tuesday! What a roller coaster ride in the weather department the past few days.  From crazy windy to bright + sunny, and today it is 20C! That's right folks, 20C on Octomber 28th! Wish the sky is bright but hey, I will take the warm weather. 

So I have been doing more brainstorming on my dream condo, #ProjectPreDevelopment, over the weekend and since the builder has given me the go-ahead with my layout re-imagination on the guest bath, today I am sharing with you a few of the key elements I am envisioning in this luxe, sumptuous bathroom.

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Brandford
So the original layout of this small bathroom has a tub and a door opening on the angled wall.  I don't really think my guests will be taking baths during their stays, so I've decided to do a glass enclosed shower instead.  I am also not a fan of the angled wall, especically how the clearance of the door eats into precious square footage.  Instead, I am going for pocket door and since pumping is running at the opposite wall, this detail should not impact the construction side of the business. 

One tip I picked up from Sarah is to avoid seeing the toilet the moment you open the bathroom door.  To fix this problem, I am switching the toilet and the vanity location, so the beautiful vanity is the first thing you see in the bathroom. 


Looking to Sarah for inspiration, I am dreaming of a dynamite feature wall with a sleek glass shower.  The pony wall allows me to add antoher hit of pattern and perhaps the perfect spot for a hand towel ring. 

My bathroom won't allow for a beautiful vanity with multi-level + open / closed storage.  But I would love that in the master ensuite!

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Brandford
Another sensational bathroom with similar design elements.  This time the shower stays simple while the vanity wall gets a royal treatment with sconces, pendant, and marble penny rounds as embellishment.  Divine!   

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Brandford

Since the bathroom is rather small, I could have the entire space tiled for a high impact, luxurious look.  However, this approach will be costly (since I am aiming for white marble) and I don't think there will ever be a splash issue in this space.  So perhaps I should focus my energy and budget on more intricate mosica patterns and better lighting plan with a mix of pot lights, pendants / sconces.  

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Brandford

Now here is an idea: tile only the wet zone and paint the other walls. This kid bathroom is still one of my favourite bathrooms by Sarah thanks to the intense acid green accent, the challenge of finding a home for the toilet so it's not in your face, and the effective tile play that is high impact without breaking the bank.  I am also loving the pendant over the mirror idea, especially when it's going to be tight for wall sconces on the side and I really don't want a fixture over the mirror.   

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Brandford

This incredible tile carpet is definitely my absolute favourite in Sarah's entire TV series.  Sky is the limitation, and with such small square footage, why not splurge a little to create a showstopper tile carpet in a small bathroom? My only concern is that angled wall and how I could create a pattern that works with that corner without giving my tiler a heart attack.  Maybe I will do this in the master ensuite or the front foyer!  

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Brandford

And this is the ultimate bathroom that has everything I am looking for in my guest bath: 
  • glass enclosed shower with hand shower + rain head
  • large format marble tiles inside the shower and continue as wainscoting thoughtout the bathroom for visual interest & practical backsplash
  • dramatic floor tiles (the triangles will work amazingly with the angled wall)
  • pendant fixture over the mirror 

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Brandford
Now if you are looking to update or renovate your home, here is your chance to have a go-to reference to all your design questions.  Sarah Style is available for pre-order now and better yet, a chance to meet Sarah (and Tommy if you are in Toronto) and have your copy autographed!  Be sure to order your copy and mark the dates on your calendar!  

image via Sarah Richardson Design


  1. So many great ideas here, Tim. Sarah's Style is certainly full of inspiration!!

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    1. Oh Mark!! How did I forget Room Service!!! Wish I have them all on my Recorder too!

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