Thursday, September 18, 2014

East Coast Vacay ~ Eatery + Shop

Hello Thursday!  Did you enjoy the virtual tour to Nova Scotia on Tuesday? I wish I am still by the ocean and waking up to the gentle sound of the waves.  Not sure if I have mentioned it but I was travelling with my in-laws and most of these breathtaking must-sees were hand-selected by them!  High five to the fabulous choices!

Yours truly, on the other hand, was in-charged for the food + shop options, and that's what I want to share with you today!

Let's be honest, sea food is the number one choice when you are right by the ocean right? I mean, the East Coast is known for its fresh out of the water haddocks, cods, scallops, shrimps, mussels, and lobsters (just to name a few) and I was determined to try them all!

Our first stop of the day is Lunenburg and I loved South Shore Fish Shack for its fish & chips and scallops & chips.  As for coffee and tea, you have to check out Shop on the Corner!  Their latte and ginger snaps were delicious!

Up next is The Sou' Wester in Peggy's Cove.  Highly recommended by Brittany and I couldn't agree more, especially after spending an hour enjoying the scenary in crazy gusting wind!

Baddeck offers many local cafes and shops (definitely a tourist attraction as I saw at least two tourist buses making their stops in one hour) and at The Antique Boutique, I found a pair of these exquisite vintage cloisonne vases for only $90 a pair!  We didn't have lunch in Baddeck but we did stop by The Dancing Goat for coffee and cakes.  Super chic right?

My in-laws love breads and they have found their favourites (I fell in love with an almond croissant) at La Boulangerie Bakery in Cheticamp.  The Acadian aesthetics in Chaticamp also made me picture snapping happy!

Taking about photo obsessed, the Herritage Bed & Breakfast at North Sydney had me at hello.  Juana, our hostess created vignettes throughout her century old home and you know this place is good when it looks so fantastic outside!  More on Herritage Bed & Breakfast next week and as for dinner, I actually went to the Black Spoon Bistro twice ... yes it was that good!

In Charlottetown PEI, Mr. K of Vintage Fine Objects recommended Terro Rouge and it was definitely worth a visit.  Food was delicious and the decor was sophisticated,contemporary … certainly refreshing after being accustomed to the 19th century aesthetics for the past 2 weeks.  Kettle Black reminded me of the chic cafe on Queen West, and that red fox at the front door was just too adorable!

While travelling in PEI, I also visited the Hawkins Pottery Studio along the arts and heritage trail, and you know Patti has an amazing sense of style when the outside of her studio looks like this.  Pure simple elegance and I love the pop of canary yellow against the dove grey!

Inside her studio, you would find Patti's entire collection of potteries in a serene palette of blues, greens, sands with an organic sensibility as Patti looks to Mother Nature as her inspiration.  From dining essentials (bowls, cups, serving pieces) to entertaining must-haves (pitcher, coaster, tea pot, and vases), Patti has them all!   

It was such a pleasure meeting Patti and she walked me through the process on how she hand-crafted her beautiful potteries.  These pieces have been glazed and ready to be fired.  The colors will change after the process but I love the pastel colors as is!   My favourite at the shop has got to be the one-of-a-kind intricately carved strainer and candle lanterns.

Now back to Nova Scotia, Mr. K also suggested me to check out Great Village (check out Margot's finds here) and what a treat I must say at Great Village Antiques!

You know these Beswick doggies are not easy to come by in Toronto and I have found 3 different pairs in the store! I like the dark hair ones … a bit more fun than the normal pure white.  Of course this adorable French Bulldog also caught my eyes.  She is actually a door stopper!

It might be a little early to start dreaming about Christmas but how could I not when there were boxes and baskets of vintage ornaments in pristine condition and such interesting designs?

I also spotted this cute mini pineapple, a vintage desk lamp, a pair of handsome salt & pepper grinders, and a cherry blossom lamp.  

Here comes my absolute favourites from this visit:
  • the ultimate wall sconce combining eagle, antique bullseye mirror, and flower motif
  • delicate cloisonne ashtray, but I will use it as a bud vase
  • mighty alabaster Torjan horse bookends
  • equisite cut glass and sterling silver coasters (love the patterns on both the silver and the glass)

The luggage constraint had stopped me from taking all of them home.  I may just have to give Great Village Antique a call to get them shipped to Toronto.  Better yet, I may just have to go back for another visit!

Hope you enjoy today's eat and shop trip to the East Coast! My favourite Bed & Breakfasts and bright colorful shots are up next!

Happy Thursday! 


  1. Welcome back, Tim! It looks like you had an amazing vacation! I'm so glad you did an thorough job documenting everything so that I can follow your lead when I'm in Halifax next month! I hope you're planning on framing some of your IG photos!

  2. your shared images are nice and told about your holidays that how much fun you had enjoy htere. I also visit the Charlottetown before my east coast trips with my family. I enjoy hiking and car riding in the Confederation Trail. I also had fun at waterfront park in Charlottetown. It was an amazing trip for me.