Thursday, August 14, 2014

HomeSense ~ August 2014 Edition

Hello Thursday! My camping trip (aka a real battle with bugs) is happening this morning, 5:30am to be exact, and I should arrive at our camp site before 1pm.  On the bright side, the weather forecast is looking promising for the next few days … but I am still not sure about the super early morning call, the hours of driving, and the meet & greet with those active flies and mosquitos.

So I thought why not sharing with you some of my favourite finds at HomeSense to keep me in a good mood.  Mirror reflects light and adds sparkles, which helps visually expanding a small space or brightening up a dark corner.  If you are looking for some fabulous pieces at unbeatable prices, check out what I've found at HomeSense!!  Antiqued mirror side table with a polished chrome base, a pair of beautiful Venetian-style mirrors with delicate floral edging details, and hello glam round mirror with incredible frame + mirror inlay, which one is your favourite?

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know which of these I took home.

Ever since I saw Jessica's stunning foyer & her vintage cloisonné vases, I have been obsessed with handcrafted enamel vases.  Look at what I've found at HomeSense: a rich, bright, and vibrant stunning beauty with a phoenix and peonies design.  #breathtaking! 

These plush velvet beaches with tapered lucite legs are back! I have seen them in green and violet before but this is the first time I've spotted it in this beautiful shade of teal blue.  Here is a perfect pouf to go with the lucite bench.  The various shades of blue and grey complement the teal amazingly and the diamond motif on the pouf also echoes the diamond tufting on the beach! 

Looking for some sensational pieces for your dream walk-in closet or dressing room? Check out this super chic mid-century inspired bench and the set of console + nesting tables! Adding a pair of gorgeous lamps on the console, a sumptuous Chanel print, and a few of these sculptural objects, you've got yourself a luxurious private retreat! 

As for a comfy and stylish reading nook, I am going for this upholstered arm chair in paisley, an oil-rubbed bronze table lamp, and this graphic rug for a pop of colour.  

What are some of your latest finds at HomeSense? Love to hear from you!


  1. all so good! I haven't been to HomeSense in a while, think it's time I get on that! Have fun camping!

  2. Wowza Tim! I love your HomeSense edition series and all your selections! I could use a pair of those Venetian mirrors in my bathroom. And that Sputnik-alike brass sculpture - WANT! I am going to try to hunt down one but if you see it again could you please grab it for me? Thanks!

  3. Hi Tim, I always love your posts from Home Sense to keep me updated on what's new in the stores. Coincidentally, I've also just posted on the subject and my latest finds at Home Sense @

  4. I love Home Sense's armchair, I found one today similar to the one you posted. They're very nice and have reasonable pricing.