Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Camping Fun ~ Summer 2014 Edition

Hello Tuesday! So I have survived yet another camping trip.  For those who knows me, I am not exactly the outdoorsy type.  I am good with hiking on trails and staying in a log cabin, but battling with bugs 24/7 really isn't my cup of tea.  As it turned out, bugs were the least of my concern on this camping trip.  Rain, lots of it, pouring down as the sky opened up on the weekend + a well below seasonal temperature were my real enemies on this chapter of Camping Fun ~  Summer 2014 Edition.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, I did get one nice day and check out what nature has to offer!

Nothing beats the first ray of morning sun coming through your tent (especially after a couple days of rain).  What a sunrise! 

Getting up early in the morning also means capturing shot like this.  The lake was so calm that it acted like a huge mirror to reflect the trees and bright blue sky.  This image with the waterlily patches reminds me of Monet.

After enjoying a few hours of sunshine on the rock, it's time for sunset.  Breathtaking right?

I am a big fan of camp fire.  In fact, that's one of my most look-forward-to element on camping trips.  Check this out, the fire was pretty excited too!

Here is my favourite shot from this trip: a bow-tie right in the middle of Muskoka! How fashionable is Mother Nature!

Do you enjoy camping? I would love some tips for the next trip!

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  1. Beautiful photos, Tim. At least the rain made the bugs stay away?? I used to love camping as a kid but these days, I'd rather not be sleeping on the ground ;)