Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sarah Richardson ~ Paper & Cards Collection at Hallmark

Hello Thursday!  Isn't it just fantastically bright outside today with clear blue sky and light summer breeze? This is what summer is all about and I want it all year round.  While the thought of having summer all year round is an impossible dream in Toronto, Sarah Richardson has made it possible for all of us to be happy and cheerful in the middle of a snow storm.  That's right, the fabulously colorful and whimsically delightful Sarah Richardson Collection for Hallmark is here!      

images via Sarah Richardson Design
Sarah has applied her signature design approach to color and pattern to the creation of her paper and cards collection.  From picking the perfect fonts, matte paper stocks, to the gorgeous design graphics and color palettes, Sarah had spent a lot of time tailoring the collection to nothing sort of sensational. 
  • The special occasion note cards are fun, fresh, and as Sarah says "... these colorful cards are intended to make sure the recipent knows exactly how you feel!".  
  • The gift sets incorporated 5 fabric patterns from Sarah's fabric collection with Kravet.  If you are a fan of floral, paisley, and diamond patterns in shades of pastel blue, green, dove grey, you have got to pick up one of the two exquisite gift sets to brighten up your home office.    
  • The note cards with two designs in each set means you will always be ready to send a note to someone special.
  • The gift wrap and gift bags & tissue collection is designed to take the presentation of your gifts to the next level.  With 5 elegant wrapping papers and 8 charming gift bags in 2 sizes to choose from, Sarah has turned gift giving into an experience for all!   
Don't believe me?  Check this out!
images via Sarah Richardson Design
Pictures maybe worth a thousand words, but a beautifully filmed video with Sarah showcasing the collection?  This is a clip you won't want to miss.

Sarah has also sat down with House & Home sharing her inspirations for the collection, how she made sure the collection feels like "her", and her tips on home office decors, go-to wedding, baby shower and birthday gift.  You can read the full interview here

images via House & Home
I am heading to Hallmark today to check out this spectacular collection.  Are you?
images via Sarah Richardson Design

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  1. So cute Tim. I will definately check it out. Cheers