Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Home: Will of Bright Bazaar + Giveaway!

Hello Tuesday!  Are you enjoying the bright sunny sky? This is the summer we have been waiting for and I sure hope it is here to stay.  In fact, I love the sun and the heat so much that I am planning to take 1/2 day today to stay outside and just live a little!

Speaking about how the bright sun rays cheer me up, this fabulous home of Mr. Bazaar (a.k.a. Will of Bright Bazaar) definitely puts a big smile on my face even when there is a blizzard outside my window. It is filled with radiant hues, playful decor details, and most importantly, it is a home built with love by Mr. Bazaar and his husband Toby.

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
I have been a big fan of Will for a long time.  Bright Bazaar is one of my daily must-reads and I am so happy to have met up with Will last Christmas in Germany for Christmas markets! Will is fun, full of energy, and he is always ready for another dose of bright colour + design inspiration! 

images via Bright Bazaar
Will's living room is full of vibrant colours that people normally shy from injecting in their home (especially all together in one room).  However, Will has pulled the room together beautifully by dressing the walls and most of the furnishings in soft white, adding strong graphic patterns such as the stripped rug and pine tree wall decals in ink black, while reserving race car red, forest green, and canary yellow as decorative accents.  I also love that Will picked a bright yellow sofa to anchor the room and how the drapes echo the accent colors + accentuate the soaring ceiling height.     

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
Will is also the King of Vignettes!  His creations are always artful and filled with an eclectic mix of personal treasures.  Here is the winning formula for a dynamic vignette: captivating prints, sculptural potteries, and a collection of pillows with basket for textile interest. #BRAVO    

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
This home office is absolutely brilliant.  I love the touch of pastel pink as accent and how it pairs sensationally with the light creamy walls and the crisp white floor.  Here is the trick to using pastel pink in your home without making it feeling like a baby girl's room:

  • inject other pastel colours (in this case a soft minty green) to balance the pink
  • pick streamline, tailored furnishing to add a masculine touch (i.e. sofa in this home office)
  • mix in different textures such as the yellow metal chair, the vintage painted stools, and the striped drapery panels

I also love how Will carries the yellow accent from the living room to his office.  In this case, a zesty mustard yellow via the clock, artwork, and floor lamp.  My absolute favourite in this room? The whimsical rug Will hung up as art! #INSPIRED

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
People always say objects are more pleasing to the eyes in odd number.  Here is how Mr. Bazaar assembles his power of three in this vignette: trio of artwork, trio of flowers + objects on the side stand, and trio of pillows and blanket on the sofa.  Pure perfection I would say! 

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
Our last stop of this tour is Mr. Bazaar's bedroom.  You can tell that Will loves a good nautical vibe with the ocean blue coverlet, the sea map + fish motif as pillows, and the striped drapery that reminds me of a classic sailor look.  Bedroom is the most private and personal space in the house, and Will has filled it with personal favourites and treasures he collected on his trips.  

The result is a restful retreat for a loving couple.  #LOVE      

images via Bright Bazaar, photography by Andrew Boyd
So what do you think? I of course am totally inspired by all the colours, patterns, and vignettes.  But what I admire the most is Will's confidence in colours.

Here is your chance to see more of Will's home + 14 others colourful homes!  I am giving away a copy of The Bright Bazaar Book since I love it so much and want to share with you all.  All you need to do is to leave me a comment of what you love the most at Will's home.

One lucky winner will be randomly picked by the computer on 12am, Friday August 1st!  You can also pick up a copy of The Bright Bazaar Book via Indigo, Amazon UK, Amazon USA.     

images via Bright Bazaar
Happy Tuesday friends! xo


  1. I do rather like the clock shelving unit - & the restful retreat, especially the candy-stripe headboard! :-)
    @claireyjo210 (twitter)

  2. Hard to chose! I really adore the living room! Right down to the small wall injected with wallpaper! Thx! {abesth@telus.net}

  3. His living room is so fun and vibrant, what a happy place! I like the hit of graphic wallpaper on the narrow wall next to the window. What a great way to add a hit of pattern!

  4. I love those colours! I wish I had more colours on my own home too!

  5. I love the colors, whimsy and Will! Especially the tree wallpaper with the clock along with the adorable pillows.

  6. I love that he took the exact same Ikea tablecloth that I own and made it into the nicest headboard ever. Love his style!