Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ Cottage Edition

Hello Monday! Did you all have a fabulous weekend? The weather up at Muskoka was absolutely incredible, and yours truly had an amazing time lounging by the water, greeted by bright sunshine and light summer breeze.  So I thought why not sharing with you my favourite moments of the cottage weekend?

The floating dock is a wonderful thing, and how could I not love the glittery water pairing with warm golden rays? The water was in perfect temperature for a refreshing summer swim.  

In case you haven't noticed my obsession with peonies, I actually picked up an entire bucket of these beautiful and oh so fragrance blooms at the farmer's market (7:30am my friends), carried them on my lap for 2.5 hours travelling up north and OMG, I am in peony heaven at the cottage!     

One of the reasons why we always come back to this cottage is the spectacular view.  From sunrise to sunset, this sweet spot in Muskoka offers me these breathtaking, memorable scenes.

I have also pampered myself with loads of inspiration reads.  From the Colour 101 by Chatelaine to the White Issue by Style at Home, I am loving all the artfully curated rooms in all colors under the rainbow!   

Happy Monday friends! It will be tough to head back to the city this afternoon! xoxo

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