Monday, June 2, 2014

Container Garden 101 ~ Planting

Hello Tuesday! How was your weekend friends? I had a great time working with dad on his garden on Saturday and spent Sunday afternoon at the beach to soak up the much needed Vitamin D.  We all deserve the beautiful weather and I just want to spend as much time outdoor as possible.

I shared with you last week on picking plant materials and today, I will show you how to plant them in your container over on Style at Home Blog.  I do have to thank the expert at the Home Depot garden centre for all the tips on picking and planting the plant materials for a contain garden.  Look at how good these Silverleaf Dogwoods look!  I couldn't be happier!          

Do you have a container garden at home? I would love to know your top planting tips!

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  1. Great container garden, Tim!! You are turning into a real Urban Jungle Blogger:-))