Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ New Project + Fresh Blooms + HomeSense Giveaway Winner!

Hello Monday! Did you enjoy your 1st fabulous sunny weekend this spring? The weather was just absolutely gorgeous for both Saturday and Sunday and I wouldn't have it any other way! I spent the entire afternoon at the rooftop garden, soaking up the sun with a cooler in hand, savouring every drop of sunshine on the lounge chaise.

In fact, a relaxed, tranquil outdoor space has become a "must-have" for me when I am looking for a place to call home, especially when living in a condo.  Let's face it, if you are living in a condo, you probably do miss having a garden or some sort of green space.  So when Chris told me a few weeks ago that he would like to purchase another condo unit, a pre-development project (I know ... he just moved into #ProjectChris and we are still finishing the reno/decoration), I was more thinking: are you nuts?

That is until he told me this is actually a new development project by the developer, Momentum Developments, whom we've dealt with for #ProjectChris and this time, we get to work out the design plan (layout, materials, etc.) ahead of time since it will still take a few years to build the place.  You know what popped in my head: another fun project!    

images via Momentum Developments
Chris and I  had a very positive experience working with Momentum on #ProjectChris.  We came in to the game late: the unit and finishes were selected and installed. The place was practically move-in ready (or at least Chris thought so).  Naturally I had a few ideas and would like to modify some items including closing up a door, adding pot lights, switching placement for the vanity light, just to name a few.  Momentum was able to accommodate most of my changes and delivered a clean slate for me to decorate. 

For this new project (I am calling it #ProjectPreDevelopment), we are in a two-tower complex with views to the city and the park.  Pretty dreamy right?  More units are still available.  If you are looking for a place to call home or a potential investment, check out 100 Victoria!

images via Momentum Developments
I've told you having a fabulous garden/outdoor entertaining space is important to me and check out the rendering for this rooftop urban oasis.  I can't wait to see it comes to life.

images via Momentum Developments
We splurged on a two bedroom + two bath unit, and on the top floor to avoid possible obstructions blocking our views to the park.  Chris also would like to have more space in his next home and if it means I get to decorate an extra bedroom and bathroom, SURE!

Here is the floor plan and furniture layout recommended by the architect.

images via Momentum Developments
Of course I have made a few requests to change things up a little for better use of space, and to lay down some important foundations (electrical, plumbing, built-ins) to ensure a smooth decoration project 3 years down the road.  Here is my revised plan:

To make the foyer feels brighter and larger (since it has no access to natural light), I am going for a similar palette Sarah used in Sarah's House 1.  The calm, serene shade of neutral grey works beautifully with the warm white on the trim work.  The ocean inspired natural stone tiles and mid-tone wood floor are what we will have in the foyer, transitioning into the main living space.
images via Sarah Richardson Design
Buying a larger unit also means I get to do a guest bath this time.  I always like to make a statement in powder rooms and here is my inspiration for this second bathroom.  I figure since I am the only regular guest athris' condo, I should have the say of what I want in this space.  Blue and white natural stones in intricate pattern for a spa-like experience.  I also opted for a shower instead of tub (see the original and revised floor plan) since most guests probably will only take a shower and not a bath.  Having a tub in the ensuite makes more sense to me.
I've also asked if we can swapped location for the vanity and the toilet, so you won't be looking at the "throne" the moment you open the beautiful pocket door.

images via Sarah Richardson Design
Lucky me that I've successful sold Chris the idea that I am his regular guest and so I should get carte blanche to decorate all areas associated with the word "guest".  This second bedroom will perform mutli-duties and I am inspired by all these fabulous spaces put together by my favourite designers. 

The study by Meredith is just jaw-droppingly incredible.  I have asked Momentum to not include the closet (see original plan), so a sofa bed could go in the nook, while allowing fulll height built-ins to go on the opposite wall.  I am dreaming a fireplace and a concealed TV. 

This dining room by Nate had me at hello and I am dying to use this palm leaf wallpaper behind the sofa.  Wall sconces, a round ottoman with greek key detail (thanks Meredith and Staci for the inspiration!), a gold side table, and incredible prints, could you tell I am going all out here? #LOVE! 

images via Meredith Heron Design, Nate Berkus Design, Arren Williams, Leila Jeffreys, 219 Shop 
We don't have a walk-in closet in the master, so I am determined to make the storage solution as beautiful and functional as possible. Instead of having two single door with a little wall in between (I guess I could put a little writing desk and a mirror against the wall in this layout), I have decided to install two pairs of paneled doors so the closet will look similar to this in Sarah's House 1.

image via Sarah Richardson Design
Trying not to go overboard with my design ideas since the place won't be ready for another 3 years, I have only come up with the floor patterns for the ensuite.  I can finally have my tile carpet!

image via Sarah Richardson Design

Taking a break from #ProjectPreConstruction and #ProjectChris, I enjoyed my first sighting of blossoms this weekend.  Spring is finally here!

Do you know we have a flower market in Toronto? Once a month from May to October, local flower growers and florists gather together for a vibrant and fragant market.  I happened to be in the area and discovered the market on Saturday.  Now I know where to get my flowers for the next few months!  

And of course here is the moment you've all been waiting for! We have a winner for the HomeSense giveaway!  The computer has generated a number and YAQ, you are the lucky winner! Please email me for your contact information and I will send you the gift card right the way!

Now I better get back to work! Happy Monday friends!


  1. How could I have missed the HomeSense giveaway?! :( Congrats on the new condo! Waterloo is such a hot spot for living and investment now, so maybe I should buy my next one there too. Regarding your new floor plan, I am not so sure if I would give up the double closets in bedroom #2. If you plan to keep the condo for yourself, then sure. But if you might consider selling it when it's built, then you might want to consider keeping at least one closet. A room without a closet is not a bedroom, so I heard. Potential buyers might see it more of a den without a closet.

    1. good call Michelle!! I will design the built-in in such a way that I could close them off with drawers and spots for hanging clothes on either ends and keeping the middle part open. Chris wants this to be the office anyway and I will have to somehow find a way to make it all work!

  2. Can't believe you bought another unit! CONGRATS!! Looking forward to hearing more about it!

  3. In total agreement about you getting the say on how anything to do with "guests" is yours :)

    Thanks for the tip on the flower market.