Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Container Garden 101 ~ Plant Materials

Hello Wednesday! The weather is just absolutely beautiful and I simply couldn't resist the temptation to spend every minute possible outdoor.  If you live in a condo and access to green spaces is limited, why not create your very own urban oasis right at your balcony? 

I am over at Style at Home blog today sharing the tips I've learned from the garden expert at the Home Depot garden center.  From a quick lesson on a variety of plant specimens to which ones are suitable given sun exposure, maintenance requirement, I've put together a quick lesson on Container Garden 101: Plant Materials.

Here is a question for you: do you have a container garden?  What is your favourite plant?

Happy Hump Day friends!


  1. Our front porch is south facing so we get a lot of afternoon sun as well. My favourite plant to go into a pot/planter is Bougainvillea. They give non-stop vibrant flowers from May to late September. The downside is they are not hardy so I will need to keep them indoors right before the frost.

    1. oh ... so Bougainvillea comes back year after year? I have always thought they are annuals! Love the blooms as well. I just got a couple of Lavender, but I think they maybe a touch too small for the space! Bougainvillea, time to check out the garden again!

      Thanks for the tips Michelle! xoxo