Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Project Balcony ~ WINNERS edition

Hello Wednesday! Wasn't the weekend just absolutely amazing? We have waited 6 long months for the warm sunny rays to arrive and what a perfect way to kick start our garden season on the May long weekend!  I spent a good part of my sunday afternoon checking out the garden center to pick out plants for the balcony.  It was a zoo at the garden centre (guess everyone was planting on the weekend), but what fun!

I will save my balcony makeover with green plants for another time and for today, we are checking out the balcony makeover I did for WINNERS!

WINNERS contacted me about a month ago regarding a makeover project.  We initally were talking about storage ideas, and of course the outdoor obsessed side of me wanted to dress up the balcony to welcome the arrival of  spring/summer.  The project was super fun, but the deadline was extremely tight (two weeks) since the garden season had already arrived at WINNERS and I could only be in Waterloo on weekends.    

So I did what I do best: power shop! I must have checked out about 6 WINNERS locations as I drove from Toronto to Waterloo.  The hard work paid off and I managed to find everything I needed for the balcony in 1 day!  

image via WINNERS
The core function I am after for the balcony is simple: urban outdoor living to lounge and to entertain.  My five essential must-haves for any balcony makeover are: comfortable seating, chic rug underfoot, stylish pillows for pops of colors, a good size table for drinks / treats, and of course sophisticated planters for container garden!

A little close up on a few of my fabulous finds at WINNERS.  I love how chic these outdoor bistrol chairs look.  Don't they just remind you of a cafe in Paris?  Create you own rug if you can't find one at the right dimension.  I have lined up three rugs here for a dynamic pattern play!  Bright, vibrant pillows add a real shot of colour and the intensity of the hues energize the space.       

Here are my favourite close-ups.  What do you think?

Want to see how this space came together?  I have got a fun step-by-step illustration for you!

Happy Hump Day friends! 


  1. Hey Tim,
    I've got a few things to comment on this morning...
    1. Your step-by-step photo show is awesome. Nicely done.
    2. Working with Winners?! Super awesome!
    3. Speed shopping - you are SO good at it!
    4. Perfect idea with the screen - hides the red brick a bit and makes the space really feel like another real room instead of an after-thought. Good choice with the white. :)
    5. Are those narrow planters are from Winners, too?
    6. Also think it's so cool how you put down the deck floor. So smart.

    1. Thanks Jordana!! I love it too and it was a lot of fun to put the space together, especially when working with WINNERS on this makeover.

      Yes I found the planters at WINNERS … but it was one of those WINNERS/HomeSense locations.

      Will have to invite you over soon!

  2. Looks really fabulous Tim! I love a good power shop.

  3. I love the blue and white combination with a dash of vibrant red! Great styling Tim!!

    1. Thanks Igor! Would love to have you over sometime! You and Will will need to make an appearance in Toronto!