Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ 04.27.2014

Hello Monday! Did you have a fabulous spring weekend? Chris and I took advantage of the nice sunny weather and gone for a walk along the waterfront.  What a refreshing scene compared to the deadly cold winter wind!

Realizing it's already the end of April (almost didn't think Spring has officially set in for a month as we have been living in a fridge), I am craving for anything that reminds me of the warm sunny days we long for.  Here are a few of my favourites from this weekend thanks to Indigo and West Elm.

I have had my patio set for over 6 years now and I think I need a change.

This mid-century set I spotted at the HomeSense preview (you can read the entire preview here) … perhaps the rug too, will have to come home with me.

Spring also sparks romance and check out this stunning shot I took of this elegant loving couple by the lake.

They were even dancing together for a little.  So glad I have caught this with my phone! #LOVE

The trees in Toronto are finally starting to bud.  I hope this is a sign from nature that winter is officially over!  xoxo 


  1. Happy Spring, Tim! The lovebirds are pretty darn sweet, but I'm most excited about the blooms on the trees! It's about darn time!

  2. Tim I enjoy reading your blog but sometimes get distracted by language and grammar errors. Have you considered getting someone to proofread your posts?

    1. I should! Have been thinking about that for sometime now

  3. Amazing photo of the swans! Hopefully it is a sign that Spring is coming to the GTA soon :)

  4. Amazing capture of the swans! They are probably the most photographed couple in Toronto. :)