Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ 04.21.2014

Hello Monday! I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing and joy-filled Easter long weekend with friends and family.  Chris and I had a fantastic time up north to unwind and rejuvenate, especially knowing that we both will need to be re-energized for another couple of hectic months ahead.  The weather was perfect with bright blue sky, a few fluffy clouds, and we had an amazingly scenic drive.

I have been to the spa many times but I have never stayed until closing time.  The scenery in the evening is rather different than daytime don't you think? #magical

We also went for a hike on Sunday and it surely was nice to see the forest is finally waking up! It won't be long now until the trees start to bloom.  Chris and I may just have to come back for the May long weekend!

So living in the city all my life also means I have never seen a circular rainbow around the sun on a bright sunny day before.  Pretty spectacular hey? Have you seen this before? Folks told me this is a "sun dog" and it is not all that "uncommon".  There you go: city boy out in the woods!     

Cody and I also spent some quality time together at Wild Apple Hill B&B.  Just look at how adorable he is! xoxo

After a delicious early dinner at Flying Chestnut (my favourite restaurant), we headed back to Waterloo and this was right there in front of us.  I think the sign was trying to tell me to stay for a few extra days! Do you believe in signs? I think I should!

Happy Easter Monday friends!


  1. OMG were you guys at the Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain? I was there this past long weekend as well!

  2. Yes we were!!! Did we actually see each other but didn't recognize each other??