Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ 04.13.2014

Hello Monday!  I have been asked numerous times this very question: where do you find time to do all that you do on designs, events, projects, shoppings on top of a full-time day job?  I actually don't know the answer to this question.  I have always tried to be as efficient as possible (i.e. start boiling water for noodles, then set laundry in motion, and then come back to put the noodle in boiling water, and laundry is done after dinner … you got the picture) and to make decision fast (quick analysis and don't second guess).

And this weekend, I actually asked myself this very question as juggled between different projects.  Before I tell you what I was up to this weekend, here are a few of my favourite shots from beautiful blue sky, fresh spring blooms, to latest finds.

After having the stunning drapery by Tonic Living in the box for over 2 months, the living room is finally ready for its crowning glory.  We measured many times to make sure: (1) the joint of the two curtain rods is hidden by the middle bracket, (2) the drapery panels are wide enough to cover the entire wall (just in case if my measurement was wrong), and (3) the drapery panels sit gently on the floor.

Well, all our hard work pays off and the drapes look incredible!

Remember this little stool I found at HomeSense a while back? Here is how it looks like now thanks to Tim at Beresfold, who has turned the base from chrome to this sensational brushed gold finish.  My initial thought was to top it with marble and of course that was until I found this black tray with mother of pearl inlay for only $20!  

This side table will live happily ever after in the living room … or at least that's my plan at the moment.

Another makeover I tackled this weekend was the the balcony at #ProjectChris.  From uninspiring bare space to gorgeous outdoor oasis, this all happened in ONE WEEK!  That's probably why I finally asked myself: how did I do it all? 

As for the full balcony transformation post, you will see it in a couple of weeks.   

 It is time to kick start this short work week! Wish me luck friends! xoxo


  1. Tim that stool transformation is truly incredible! And of course I love the drapery. You really are a busy guy! xo

    1. Thanks Tiffany! It turned out even better than expected! Now I just need to make sure the height is right when my two chairs come back this week. Fingers crossed!

  2. The stool updo is fantastic and looks SO fine next to awesome drapes. Thanks for sharing Tim, it's a pleasure to be a part of Project Chris!

    1. Your drapes are just incredible!! Couldn't have picked a better fabric and you ladies did an amazing job!! Next time you drive west, you will have to drop by! xoxo