Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ 04.06.2014

Hello Monday!  Did you enjoy the weekend friends? Mine was quite busy with getting the last minute details on a few reupholstering pieces sorted out.  For a quick recap of what I went though on that process, these were the fabric choices I toyed with for a pair of stools.

Do I want it darker or lighter? Do I want it dramatic or casual elegance? Chris likes the stripes and I was going to do a diamond pattern with button tufting in the middle + contrasting piping.  I, on the other hand, love the paisley and I think it complements the Ming Dragon drapes and the Crystal Lake bar stools beautifully.  And just before I thought I was done, I found this gold and platinum suzani and the size is just absolutely perfect for the stools.        

Which one did I go for at the end, you will soon find out!

I also visited Kevin of Vintage Fine Objects.  Lots of fabulous finds but this vintage bar cart with impeccable style captured my attention.  Would love to have it at #ProjectChris … but I think it's slightly too large.  This collection of malachite beauties also caught my eyes.  Those mini bud vases had  to come home with me.

We also had a double birthday on Sunday and to celebrate the occasion, we went to The Spoke Club.  It's a private club for members and friends only.  A chic, stylish place and I think I spotted a few pieces from the Sarah Richardson collection.  Thanks for the fab party Ryan and happy birthday boys!    

Since Chris wants to get the balcony ready for the season,  I thought why not check out the pre-season sale at Andrew Richard Designs?  So many incredible pieces to choose from with great discounts.  This pair is just to difficult to part with but I think they are too big for the balcony.  Why do I have to fall in love with them??

To recovery from the painful process to "forget" about these sensational chairs, I tried to focus on other beautiful things like a little vignette at the house, a walk in High Park, meeting the swans, and enjoying my new book by Barbara Barry.

Hope you all have a great start of the week! xo

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