Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Style at Home ~ Lindsay Mens Craig

Hello Wednesday! Are you enjoying March Break? It is a little more quiet at the office the last couple of days and that left me with a bit more time to search for inspirations + design solutions for #ProjectChris.  The upside is, we have accomplished a lot over the last 2 months and the downside is, I really don't want to do any more work! Chris and I are at a point where we just want to hire someone and get it done!  Or maybe that's only my side of the story … Chris probably just don't want any more projects PERIOD.

It's often challenging when a couple renovate their home.  I still remember the attention to detail issues I had with the contractor when renovating my condo however, I had complete control over design directions/decisions.  My place turned out to be exactly the way I envisioned, and that sense of accomplishment felt fantastic!  I bet Lindsay of Sarah Richardson Design felt the same when she decorated her own fabulous condo a few years back.  

images via Style at Home
The silvery grey walls act as a neutral backdrop for layering of patterns, textures, and colours.  Ocean blue is the dominate colour in the space and to warm up the cool colour palette, Lindsay injected a dramatic hit of raspberry red via the area rug + accents through fresh blooms and pillows.  

I am always fascinated by the efficient furniture layout by Sarah's team and in this case, the sofa is placed in the middle of the room to separate the dining zone from the living space.  With a pair of cozy Coco chairs flanking the vintage credenza, this small living room could easily sit 5!  

A light switch in the middle of the entrance didn't stop Lindsay from creating a stunning gallery wall! A tip I will have to apply at #ProjectChris.

images via Style at Home
The bedroom is feminine and serene thanks to its curvaceous headboard + the soft grey & yellow colour scheme.  The hits of black help ground the space and add drama/ sophistication to the space. I of course love the gilded gold accents and faux bamboo elements.  Can't you tell I am inspired?

images via Style at Home
Fast forward to 2014, Lindsay has moved to a house and this time, she has to "consult" her husband, so the house feels like home to both of them.  Blue continues to be the primary colour the space.  While the chandelier, the table lamps, and the artwork are more feminine, the darker wood tone, the angular lines in furniture, and the white leather + striped fabrics all add masculinity to this living room.

I just couldn't get enough of that mirror and the Thomas stool! #MUSTHAVE

images via Style at Home
The dining room is sensational with rich royal blue velvet seats on these faux bamboo dining chairs, the double shots of animal print on the classic wingback, a traditional rug for an intense pop of colour, and I simply fell in love with Lindsay's use of an old door as "floating shelf" for an instant conversation piece and a place for fresh blooms.  The black ribbon details on the crisp white drapes: CHIC!!

images via Style at Home
If bathrooms and kitchens sell houses … are you sold yet by this elegant bathroom featuring marble floor in herringbone pattern, luxe brass accessories throughout, and a mod black & white shower curtain for a touch of whimsy?

I particularly love how Lindsay maxed out the use of every square inch in this bathroom by "staggering" the toilet, the pedestal sink, and the tub.  With the tub and toilet at current locations, it is not possible to have the conventional mirror over sink combo without moving the window and still allow for good flow.  So instead, the sink is now in front of the window and the mirror is placed on the side next to the tub.  #GENIUS.  

As if you haven't signed on the dotted line yet after seeing the bathroom, this kitchen will seal the deal with the upgraded with new cabinet doors, brass hardware, stone backsplash, graphic full length drapes, and a gorgeous lighting fixture.  

images via Style at Home
Here comes the bedroom and I love the deep royal blue! It is cozy, inviting, and very sophisticated.  Well blue + white with silver has always been a classic winning palette and in this case, blue + white with gold is just spectacular!  

images via Style at Home
Thanks Lindsay for sharing your beautiful homes with us and Style at Home, THANK YOU for bringing Lindsay to us!  Now friends if you are looking to learn more about spring cleaning, or have tips to share with us, be sure to join the Style at Home editors on twitter at 12pm EST today!    

images via Style at Home
Happy Hump Day friends and be safe on a stormy day in March! 


  1. Wow great interior design examples - of course I'd go for all the blue stylings as a real blue lover:-)

    1. I know right? So beautiful and all the blues look absolutely stunning in the space. I now want to repaint #projectchris with blues!!

  2. lovely! What is the paint colour of the wall in the bedroom in photo number 3, that shows the bed with the sunburst mirror above it. I have been searching for such a colour....and need to paint .....five years same white bedroom walls. And, the paint colour in the living room? thanks! Would appreciate some help.