Friday, March 7, 2014

Sophisticated Gentleman ~ Nate Berkus

Hello Friday!  Are you ready for the weekend? I AM!! It has been a busy week but I am looking forward to checking up the progress on #ProjectChris in person tomorrow.  Well, that and some shopping at my favourite Target locations from the fabulous Nate Berkus' Collection.  Nate's philosophy on home decoration is to filled it with all things loved, cherished: "The Things That Matter".  

images via Nate Berkus

I admire Nate's approach to design and let's be honest, are you not in love with these beautifully decorated and artfully curated rooms? They are dramatic, decadent, and exquisite.  I am insanely in love with that sensational wallpaper, the glamorous brass and chrome accents (I need to have that coffee table!!), and what a refined, relaxed, and intimate living room to come home to after a hectic day at work.  

images via Nate Berkus
A few tips I picked up going through Nate's portfolio: 
  • tailored daybed with sculptural side table and lamp for a stylish, immaculate look 
  • luscious green velvet dining chairs with brass legs create drama and an instant showstopper
  • high fashion shopping experience right at home with this breathtaking dressing room

images via Nate Berkus
Now that we have seen Nate's work, are you curious to see Nate's home? I bet you do.  Thanks to Harpers Bazaar, we get to take a quick tour of this fabulous LA home Nate shares with his partner Jeremiah.

I love the architectural detail and a hint of art deco vibe of this home.  A symmetrical design to incorporate a swimming pool as the ultimate hangout spot? #genious

images via Harpers Bazaar
An "U-Shape" living room maybe challenging to decorate for many of us but not for Nate! The nooks on either side of the room were painted matte black backdrops.  They do not only create a dynamite design feature, the dark colour also creates a sharp contrast to the warm white walls and to disguise the built-in open/closed storage.  The wood floor with a diamond pattern, the vintage marble fireplace, the patina on the leather club chair and chesterfield sofa all add tremendous characters, personalities, and souls to this home.

images via Harpers Bazaar
Here comes the most personal space of all: the master bedroom + ensuite.  You all know I am currently obsessed with lacquered walls … well, now I am dreaming of high gloss ceiling! This master bedroom is so moody and captivating thanks to its dark walls and contrasting luxurious white linens.  The mod black and white colour scheme is warmed up by hits of natural wood and brass accents.

images via Harpers Bazaar
The kitchen is certainly a lot of fun and full of vintage vibe.  Mr. Bright Bazaar, here is a mint kitchen just for you.  As for me, I am digging the marble top dining table and inspired by the super chic black & white shelves.  

images via Harpers Bazaar
For those of us living in spaces with limited square footage, here is how Nate living large in his home in NYC.

Are you in love with Nate yet?  Many of the items in his home are currently available at Target!  I have picked up a few items for #ProjectChris and may just have to make a trip down south to pick up a few more special pieces at incredible prices.  Check out Nate's collection at Target here.

images via Target
Happy weekend friends! xoxo

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