Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ 02.16.2014

Hello Monday & Happy Family Day! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend and spending some quality time with friends & family.  This winter has been brutal (not to mention it has been way to long), and I am sure we all deserve a break.  For this February long weekend, Chris and I headed up north to Collingwood for a little quiet, relaxing, pampering time.

We have also discovered a new favourite restaurant in town: Tremont Cafe.  The food is delicious and the decor … well, need I say more? I thought I was back to Paris or Prague! Love the attention to details and hello to exposed brick wall, painted ceiling in blush, incredible lighting, and the charming yet edgy eclectic vibe.

A beautiful presentation does add points to the overall dining experience.  From first impression to tableware + artistic food presentation, Chris and I were mighty happy at Tremont Cafe.  #DELICIOUS #APlus

If you are visiting Collingwood with a group of friends or celebrating a special occasion, wouldn't you love to host a dinner party right here? Love the tin ceiling, the library style built-in, the bistro table with marble top pairing with vintage chairs as references to the original charm of this historic building.  For an instance wow factor, add an industrial chandelier and pendant to juxtapose against all the traditional elements.  #Brilliant

Back at home, we are also making great progress at #ProjectChris.  First blooms, perfect side table (I am dreaming to swap out the class top for a marble one), super chic little gold speaker, and hello sensational Brizo Faucets!!

I also scored some fresh off-the-truck arts at HomeSense before I headed up north.  This horse print is quite large (47"x47") and these blue + white beauties are from Trowbridge!  Now I just have to figure out where to put them!  

Before I head out for the day, I want to spread the words on the Sleep Well Event at ElTE this Wednesday morning.  If you are having trouble sleeping or simply want to learn more on how to achieve a good night sleep, you won't want to miss this event!


  1. Oh I loved your IG shots so much this weekend!! All the snow!! Fab! And cool to see a happy and content Chris on your pics! I'm sending a hug to both of you via this little comment!!

    1. Thanks Mr! Your trips to fab cities in Europe make me want to visit Europe right now! xoxo

  2. Tremont cafe looks like such a wonderful spot. Thanks for highlighting it here, Tim, I'm going to stop in the next time I'm up north!!

    1. you will have to check it out Pam! IT's amazing!