Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sleep Well at ELTE + $100 Giveaway

Hello Wednesday! Did you have a good night sleep? I often work late into the evening (or should I say the morning) with my normal bedtime being around 1:30am.  Needless to say, I am always craving for a good night sleep.  Well, that was exactly why I headed to Elte last week to learn from the "Sleep Expert", Dr. Neil Stanley, on how to achieve a good night's rest.

According to Dr.  Stanley, a good night sleep means you are:
  • happier
  • healthier
  • better recuperation and restoration of physical and mental functionals
  • less likely to have heart attack/ stroke/ depression/ diabetes
  • stronger/ strengthen metabolic & immune system  
You know what all that means? That means you will look better, younger, and slimmer!!   Now that I have caught your attention, here is how to get your beauty sleep:

Yes, design your bedroom like Mary McDonald and Sarah Richardson.  I am obsessed with blue these days and these two rooms just nailed it.

images via Mary McDonald / Sarah Richardson Design
On top of having a beautiful bedroom, here are a few additional keys to ensure a good 7 to 9 hours of rest:
  • quiet mind & relaxed body
  • associate your bed with sleep + disconnect other duties from bedroom (i.e. don't work on your computer in bed) ~ I am guilty on this one!
  • get up and do something if you can't fall asleep
  • keep the bedroom dark, quiet, with big comfy bed, fresh air from windows, and set temperature between 16C to 18C
The bottom line is, if you have trouble sleeping but you do sleep well while on vacation (which I do ALL the time), then you don't have a sleeping problem.  It is your lifestyle or routine you have to change to get a good night sleep.

Do you sleep well? 

While at Elte, I took a quick look around and see what caught my eyes this time.  Here are a few of my favourite vignettes during this visit.  Gold mirror, decadent dresser, and effortless elegance dining room: #LOVE! 

Now down to my favourite individual items: the bookends are to die for.  Well, so is this sensational chandelier, these boxes for sleek storage with an industrial vibe, and hello side table.  You know I am on a hunt for a side table for #ProjectChris right?

I also headed to the kids section and I think I have found my perfect decor for Easter 2014! These pom-poms and the bunny lamp are on sale now.  Check them out before they are gone!  

Of course I wouldn't just send you out shopping.  Here is your chance to win $100 to spend at ELTE.  All you need to do is to leave me a comment to let me know which of the above sleeping tips would you incorporate in your bedroom/ routine to achieve a good night sleep.  Yes, it's that simple! Winner will be randomly selected on March 7th! 


  1. I always get up and do something till I feel tired again. I would love to go shopping at Elte. I have never been. Cheers Frances

  2. I am guilty of keeping my bedroom too warm, so the tip I would take away from this is to keep it cooler at night. I had no idea how much affect the temperature has on getting a good night's sleep.

    Thanks for sharing, Tim!!

  3. I love to be really busy during the waking hours, but I absolutely love to sleep! Thankfully, I'm a pretty good and happy sleeper. I think I could easily incorporate the "get up and do something" tip for more sleepless nights. I never do that. I just toss and turn and toss again.
    p.s. Elte...I bought my couch there and had absolutely wonderful service. It was my first purchase (and visit) at Elte.

  4. I'm there with you on disconnecting from electronics before heading into bed! That would likely make the biggest impact on my sleep.

  5. I never knew about the temperature helping with sleep, but that would be my takeaway from the tips above for a better sleep...=)

  6. hmm, I don't have trouble sleeping but I know I could keep the room a bit darker so when the sun
    shines bright and early in the warm months, I can sleep in a bit ! Well, that's of course if the kids sleep in :)

  7. I have a habit of reading email and viewing Instagram on my phone before I go to sleep. Since I use my phone as an alarm it seems to have become a routine.;-)

    p.s. love your blog!

  8. Hi Tim, I love the suggestion to quiet your mind and relax your body. I try to focus on deep breathing too!
    Thanks! Maria

  9. Hi Tim! I've made it a rule to not keep any electronics in our bedrooms while we're sleeping...all phones, laptops, ipads, etc. go to be charged in the office and stay there for the night. We try to keep our rooms for sleeping and relaxing only...that seems to help!

  10. I love the tip to have a quiet mind and relaxed body. I use to do light a lightly scented candle whenever I felt stressed to help me relax a little better.

  11. I too am guilty of using my electronics in bed! But if I had to incorporate something it would be to get up and do something if I can't fall asleep (I'll try my best not to make that eating) :)

  12. associate bed with sleep. Im so guilty of not doing this one.

  13. I guess I need to turn my heat down.. I really hate being cold, but my temperature is definitely set above the recommended. Thank you.

  14. The best thing for me is to try and quiet my mind and body. If I'm ever having trouble sleeping, all I have to do is try to meditate - puts me to sleep right away!

  15. I have never thought the room needs to be that cold for ideal sleeping condition. Will have to turn down the hate at home tonight! Thanks for the chance to win a shopping date at ELTE! John