Friday, February 7, 2014

Love List ~ My Valentines

Hello Friday! The weekend is almost here and by the same time next week, we will be having the most romantic time of the year! Chris considers Valentine's Day as an ingenius idea made up by retailers for yet another excuse to make money.  He believes people should be nice to their other half every day and not just one day in a year.  Point taken, but it is still hard for me to resist all the sweet merchandises and romantic DIY ideas I see everywhere I look. 

Two of my mentors, Jen of Rambling Renovators and Lindsay of Little House Blog, came up with two simple yet fabulous DIY ideas I can't wait to try this year.  If you are planning a romantic dinner for two, you will want to learn how to make these adorable paper blooms and gorgeous table setting.

images via Rambling Renovators / Little House Blog 
I don't usually send cards to my friends for Valentine's Day, but I just love these sweet ones by Rifle Paper Co. available at Indigo. Do you normally send cards for V-Day?        

images via Indigo 
Love comes in many shapes and forms.  My love affair with HomeSense is most certainly public knowledge by now.  Chris acknowledged it and has finally come to acceptance.  In fact, we have been visiting HomeSense together lately and he did not just sit on the sofa! #Progress right?

I have some serious crushes over many of the sensational items I spotted at the Spring/Summer 2014 Preview.  These items will start popping up at your local HomeSense real soon and as I always say, keep going to HomeSense and you will find what you are looking for!    

I am also in love with Alanna (see here and here).  But really, who isn't especially with amazing work like this? So chic, so stylish!  #HEART #BIGTIME

images via Alanna Cavanagh/ Covet Magazine / Selvedge Magazine
Love is definitely in the air and Alanna wants to share her love with you too.  This sophisticated small brogue shoe silkscreen print is looking for a home.  I had some much fun with Alanna printing this particular series (see the behind-the-scenes fun).  Be sure to check out the #giveaway.

images via Alanna CavanaghCovet Magazine 
Alanna is also having a sale at her shop.  All prints are 15% off with promo code: PSH.  Start the car is what I would say!

image via Alanna Cavanagh
Before I wrap up today's post, I want to spread the love re: 2nd annual "Love Denim Drive" hosted by Over the Rainbow.  You will receive a 20% off discount on your denim purchase by donating a pre-loved pair at Over the Rainbow.  All pre-loved denim will be donated to the United Way.  You will also receive an additional 5% discount toward your purchase if you tweet or post a photo tagging @rainbowjeans416!

Happy Weekend friends! xoxo

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  1. Eloise is by far my favourite Alanna's illustration and I even emailed her about it. I just need to patiently wait for the silkscreen print to be ready. I don't send Valentine's cards to friends but I am sending you a virtual one. :) Wish you and Chris a Happy Valentine's!

  2. Thank you for sharing this information, its a great offer on this valentine's day!