Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Flood + Photoshoot + #ProjectChris ~ Kitchen Lighting

Hello Friday! Sorry for not popping in on Wednesday, but I was totally swamped (literally) with the main floor of the condo being flooded for a couple of hours, dealing with all the details/questions with trades at #ProjectChris, and dressing my own condo for a photo shoot.  How did I do all that + a day job? Sometimes I just don't know.

So the flood at the condo.  Part of the Waterfront Revitalization is happening right outside of the building and the City was fixing/replacing/adding a fire hydrant on Tuesday night.  Before you know it, water came into the building and the main floor was filled with 4" to 8" of water.  I live on the 28th floor so I am not really affected.  The catch is: my locker is on the main floor.  Luckily most things were on shelves and only a rug got slightly damped.  Still, not something I wanted to deal with on top of a hectic schedule.

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On a happier note, I've told you about the interview I did with a magazine back in January, and this happened yesterday in the afternoon.  Always love dressing up the place and here are a few of my favourite snap shots.

Lots are happening at #ProjectChris the last couple of days.  New countertop, sink, faucets all in by last night. Wallpapers will happen next week (I am so excited about that) and the electrician and plumber will also wrap up their jobs by end of week.

One thing I want to share with you today is lighting in kitchen.  How do we decide on task lighting and mood lighting? This is especially important when you live in an open concept space where your kitchen is no longer just a food preparing station: it is part of the entertaining space.  On top of that, what do you do when a builder decided to NOT take the upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling?  

We already have pot lights installed and the builder has put a pendant over the island.  I am not a fan of the trio and we will change it out for a pair of super cool pressed glass by Tom Dixon.  #dreamy

So here are the problems I am dealing with at #ProjectChris.

I always look to Sarah Richardson for inspirations, tips/design solutions.  This kitchen has me inspired to potentially boxed up the top, add extra crown moulding, and painted it all out the same colour (since I am spraying the cabinets anyway), so the cabinets look like they reach high to the ceiling.  What a jaw-droopingly stunning kitchen! 

images via Sarah Richardson Design
And then I saw this brilliant installation at IDS 2014, SOLO, by Style Garage and its partners.  Perhaps  I can also do something similar for extra ambience lighting.   

So I went to The Home Depot and have found these easy to install enviro ultra slim LED strips.  It comes in various sizes, making it super easy to fit in all spaces.  I also want to add under cabinet lights and these slim ones will do the trick.     

I will be in Waterloo tonight to check on progress before heading up north to Collingwood tomorrow morning for a romantic getaway this Valentine's Day/ Family Day long weekend.  Happy Valentine's Day and I will see you all next week!


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  1. Ah that will be such a nice getaway. I went a few years ago and it was the best!! They have RMTs there so see if you can also book a massage. Mine was excellent (it was a couples massage too). Have fun!