Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weekends Fun ~ 01.06.2014

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all are doing well on this snowy, rainy, windy start of the week.  Chris and I arrived back home safe and sound after being away for three weeks in Europe, by passing the power outage and magical yet deadly ice storm around Christmas time.  Lucky us … I know!

#EuropeTrip was absolutely amazing and if my previous trips to Europe haven't convinced me to consider moving over the Atlantic, this one might just have done it! As much as I would love to just stay in Europe, there are many aspects of life that need to be sorted though before such big move could happen.  But we are getting one step closer, if I may say so myself!

So while I am going though a tough time to familiar myself to my Toronto life, I decided to share with you my top favourite moments from the trip.

Munich was our first stop and I just love the city.  It's chic, stylish, and it is full of architectural treasures for this north american.  Christmas is a big deal in Germany and you will find a Christmas market at just about every corner of the city (I kid you not: if there is a square, there will be a Christmas market). 

This is definitely one of my favourite shots from #EuropeTrip.  It is just so magically … I think we need to do this at High Park! 

While I thought this is a national treasure thanks to its stunning beauty, it is just one of many local churches in Munich.  I love the intense colour contrast in this shot. 

The church above might not have made it to the post card, but Grandma's house in classic tudor style built in the 1400s certainly graces the cover of many glossy post cards.  Such a lovely, elegant, and cozy home and those stained glass windows were handmade by Grandma!  So happy that she loved the  gift and the card by Alanna I picked specifically for her.         

Grandpa's 85th birthday party was also on the agenda, and Chris' nephews were just super adorable.  Aren't they the cutest?  Nothing beats spending the holiday season with family and what a fantastic time we had

A few short hours of plane ride later, Chris and I were in Barcelona.  My favourite Gaudi's building in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia.  I can think of no words to describe how incredible Gaudi's visionary designs and his appreciation of nature … well, see for yourself. 

The ceiling, the columns, the colours, and mixture of artificial and natural lights, just absolutely incredible!

Hours before 2014, Chris and I arrived in Paris, the City of Light!  We had a tight schedule for our five short days (it didn't help when I was also traveling with a nasty cough), but we managed to visit most of the tourist's "Must-See" and welcomed 2014 at Sacre Coeur.  

Paris is such a beautiful city and of course I love the grey and cream palette + the iron balcony on these lovely historic homes with super high ceiling, grand decorative moulding, and more likely than not, a few pairs of vintage murano glass chandeliers (spotted them during my double decker bus ride, a.k.a. peeking into these fabulous homes).    

I also love how the modern and traditional beauties blend in perfectly in Paris.  Here is an example and one of my favourite shots in Paris right outside of Centre Pompidou.

Last but not least, my favourite moment at #EuropeTrip was to have spent 3 incredible weeks with this loving, caring man.  Thanks Chris for an amazing time! xoxo


  1. A great round-up, Tim!! You did a great deal of traveling in those three weeks. And I am glad we managed to meet three times:-)

    1. I know! next time will be more relaxed and actually see more local favs. No more tourist sites! Thanks so much for meeting with us in Munich and Paris! I so have to do it again soon ... hopefully in Spring 2015! Mr. Bazaar better be there too!!

  2. What an amazing trip, and so many gorgeous photos!! You already know how much I want to go back to Paris, and hopefully this fall it will happen. So happy that you enjoyed Christmas with Chris and family. Happy New Year, Tim!!

  3. I love the lights in the park! Excellent idea!

  4. Hi Tim, looks like you had a fab time, I'm loving your photos. I've always wanted to go to Europe, hopefully one day! Also, those lanterns in the park are gorge, I agree, high park should get on that! All the best in the New Year! :)

  5. looks like you had such a good time, tim! your photos were gorgeous throughout the trip.