Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ 01.19.2014

Hello Tuesday! Sorry for being MIA yesterday … but I was painting like a mad man at #ProjectChris over the weekend + squeezing in a few minutes to source more items  + finalize on some design details so Chris can communicate the plans with the trades.

Here is what we are dealing with at this point.  A couple coats of creamy white in the living room, the wall behind the sofa will be covered by this amazing Talitha paper from Romo, ming dragon drapes from Tonic Living, and a major score on the art piece from HomeSense.

For the bedroom, I know I want to go glossy on the walls and have grasscloth wallpaper on the feature wall.  To contrast or to blend in, that was the question I had on Saturday.  Well … I went for the darling grey and it works with the wallpaper perfectly.  Two coats of high gloss Para Paints, the walls are looking deliciously shiny! 

The lovely Christine of 219 Shop is my go-to lighting genius and this stunner from visual comfort, along with a pair of sconces for the bathroom (will show you soon), has arrived!! I just love the scale, the finishes, and the design.  Here comes the fun part: I have checked to make sure we have clearance for the door … what I didn't think about is how close the light is to this air return grid!  It may just fit … fingers crossed … or else we will have to order the smaller version instead. 

One thing came to my delight over the weekend was that the lobby at Chris' condo. I was told that the builder would have something stylish and contemporary in the lobby and after being away for 1 month,  we finally have a lobby!  Liking the reclaimed wood detail and funny I was planning to do the same at the kitchen island! #GreatMinds!  

I mentioned I also went sourcing for a brief moment on the weekend.  Look at what I've found at HomeDepot and HomeSense! I will have to pick up one of these plants and that lavender rug may just have to come home with me! 

One last thing: the layout of the living room is finally set.  Funny we are back to my original idea, the one that Chris concerned the TV is too far from the sofa.  Well, the room is really not that big and we can get a slightly larger TV light this sleek handsome one from Panasonic!  I have also tuned into Sarah's YouTube page for some tips on getting the right pieces for the living room.  Check this out! 

Got to run! Dress warmly my friends … it's cold outside! \


  1. You always have the best luck with HomeSense scores!

  2. Thanks Michelle!! I just have to go regularly :)