Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ 01.12.2014

Hello Monday!  Did you enjoy the above seasonal temperature on the weekend? After a few days of -35C, I am sure we all welcomed the warmer climate.  The only thing is, such extreme temperature shift  has not only created lots of potholes on the roads, but yours truly is also sick AGAIN after being back from #EuropeTrip for just 1 short week.  I hope this one is not as bad as the last cold … fingers crossed.

On the brighter side, I did meet up with Susan of Fine Interiors to firm up the final details on the headboard for #ProjectChris.  We are using this beautiful Kravet Fabric designed by Sarah Richardson and we had such a fun time mapping out the patterns, the buttons, and nailhead details.  I can't wait to see the finished product!  

I also managed to get a haircut on the weekend.  Though the hairdo on this gentleman is what I am after, I will have to let my hair grow for another 2 months before it is long enough for the look.  On a happier note for instant satisfaction, there were also 3 shops for glasses by my hair salon.  Since I am also in the market for a new pair of glasses, I went in for a look and the talented Mr. Tom Ford does know best.  This pair is mine!  

image via
A quick stop at my local HomeSense also had me stunned by this beautiful hide rug in chevron.  I am in need of a 4x6 and this one is 5x8.  I will keep looking HomeSense! A couple of clicks over to BlackRooster also had me dreaming about this sexy floor lamp (bring sexy back is right!!) and hello to this sensational sheep fur blanket.  Best of all, don't you think these three could totally just live happily ever after?  #LOVE!    

lamp/ blanket via BlackRoosterDecor
I also treated myself with some fresh blooms on the weekend … well partly because I also did an interview at my place on Sunday.  More on that soon and I am super excited about it!  Oh this black sexy aroma diffuser from The Bay is amazing and it's now 70%.  Get them before they are all gone!  

Now I just have to get back to organizing trades for #ProjectChris and get myself back to my healthy self ASAP! IDS 2014 is coming up next week for crying out loud!! 


  1. loooooove all of the fresh blooms! I've promised myself more fresh blooms this year, they just add that special touch to a room!

  2. Busy boy! Love that Black Rooster floor lamp and can't wait to hear your news. Get better for next week! See you then.

  3. Everything is lovely as usual! I'm loving the BR blanket & looking forward to hearing / reading / seeing your interview!