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IDS 2014 ~ Sarah Richardson, Cocoon, & IKEA

Hello Wednesday! How are you all coping with the extreme sub-zero temperature?  The cold air and strong wind remind me of the stormy weather we had on the weekend and speaking about the weekend, did you go to IDS? I have shared the inspiring #SOLO and feature exhibit "See The Light" on Monday and for today, we are stopping by the absolutely gorgeous spot created by Sarah Richardson with her fabrics from the Kravet collection.

You all know I am a big fan of Sarah and I have always been inspired by her pattern plays and furniture plans.  Square footage is always at a premium at design shows and with approximately 100 sq. ft., Sarah managed to magically fit in an office + an inviting lounge + mixing in 14 patterns from the Lake & Chambray collection on every surface you see in the space.  Clever? Yes.  Inspiring? Most definitely!    

The floral creates a soft, elegant backdrop for all the different patterns to shine.  Incorporating 14 patterns in a harmonious manner is no easy task, and Sarah has accomplished just that by strategic placement of patterns and decorate the space solely in a soft watery blue and white monochromatic palette.

I wasn't kidding when I said every surface was covered with fabric.  See these adorable cubes? They were covered by fabrics and after layers of polyurethane, these cubes are now highly practical and very attractive.  Instead of covering your table with a classic table cloth, why not transform it with a sleek, contemporary solution? In this case, Sarah has turned an ordinary desk into a work of art by wrapping the base with fabric stripes (a great way to use up the remnants) and covering the desktop with fabric & polyurethane.  Spilled your wine? No worries, just wipe it clean!      

Pairing floral with paisley may be a bit "busy" visually for some.  However, if you break up the more curvaceous patterns with the geometric or linear patterns, there is no reason why you can't have it all!  For example, the floral wall and the paisley pillow are separated by the diamond pattern on the Jude bench (my absolute must-have), and then another floral on the cube is placed further away from the wall.  The Davey Horizon on the bulletin board is absolutely sensational … I may just need to order it for #ProjectChris.

Yes, all these fabrics are now available to purchase online here!

Have two distinct vintage chairs you love but not sure how to pair them up? Unify them with the same wood finish and fabric! In this case, the two mid-century chairs both have a strong presence due to their edgy shape and yet they work together beautifully thanks to the white-washed frame and a bold floral.  The look is fresh, crisp, and very inviting.

Another trick on using different patterns is to use them in multiple applications.  Just like having different wood finishes within one room, Sarah's rule of thumb is to have it more than once.  See how Ennismore Lake has been repeatedly spotted throughout the space? From chairs, cubes, to custom ladder and desktop stationary, this floral is well loved!

Thanks Sarah, Tommy, and Kate for such an inspiring visual treat.  It was nice catching up with you and certainly my pleasure for a visit #sarahandkravet at IDS!

Cocoon has always been one of my must-sees at IDS.  Year after year, the visual team has treated me with exquisite spaces that had me wanting more.  For IDS 2014, Cocoon introduced us to AERIN, a global luxurious brand with a sensational collection of serene, decadent collection of home furnishings and accessories by the beautiful and talented Aerin Lauder, exclusively at Cocoon in Canada.  

image of Aerin via AERIN
Welcome to Cocoon at IDS 2014.  This stunning dining room vignette is simply breathtaking with a set of curve back chairs in super soft mossy green velvet, an Art Deco inspired dining table in rich wood tone, and a modern interpretation of a classic crystal chandelier.  The chevron backdrop adds a modern, edgy flair to this timeless space.

Green, gold, and white is the winning colour palette this year at Cocoon and I am a big fan! If you are considering adding fabric to your wall but are afraid to "commit", perhaps hanging a showstopper rug as a beautiful backdrop could be an ideal alternative.  The buffet vignette had me at hello … who doesn't love that mirror? Accessory is also a key element to any finished space and there are lots of eye candies to choose from at Cocoon.  

Which one is your favourite? 

Our last stop for the day is IKEA.  I am sure you have seen the space via Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, but let me tell you, it is truly an "experience" to walk through this spectacular creation.  The panel details, the incredible windows, and the use of white and gold … gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

This maybe a dressing room for the ladies with the saturation of bold, intense shots of fuchsia and pomegranate.  However, which fashionable gents would say no to the super high ceiling, amazing windows, stunning cluster of pendants, and a full wall of closets?  Just as we talked about the mix of patterns, here is yet another fine example on how to breathe new life into a vintage piece with graphic patterns and bold colours.  As for the gents who are not a fan of pink, why not pick your favourite colour? This room is dressed in soft, warm whites.  It will always look fantastic no matter what accent colour your heart desires.

Isn't this the dream dressing room or what?  This glamorous stunner is one of the best "powder rooms" I have ever seen. The ladies could do that makeup and the gents could style their hair!  Love how the streamlined, contemporary floating vanity juxtaposed against the classic mini brick mosaic and a traditional gilded gold mirror.  Such a delicious design statement!

After a short visit to the powder room/ dressing room, we are ready to get back to the party … and that's exactly what IKEA has in mind in their creation at IDS.  This charming lounge with a sculptural fireplace and classic panel details + a full height mirror definitely had me saying YES.  Cheerful canary yellow was the accent colour in the space, and they are on these chic chairs (they actually swivel) and the delicate daffodils.

Just as I thought I have seen it all, IKEA strikes again with this absolutely spectacular gourmet kitchen with clusters of crystal chandeliers, gold leaf ceiling, luxurious marble countertop, and a truly inspirational configuration of its Lidingo cabinets.  I am doing the same grey for the lower cabinets at #ProjectChris! 

This amazing space reminds me of the amazing apartments in Paris with high ceiling, all white interiors and breathtaking furnishings.  With a mixture of open and closed storage + top notch finishes, this kitchen is truly the heart of the home and where your guests will mingo.  Well … that was actually what happened at The Party!

So what do you think?  I was most definitely inspired by these incredible spaces and can't wait to apply some of the ideas at #ProjectChris.  What design element(s) would you use in your own home? I would love to know! 


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