Monday, January 27, 2014

IDS 2014 Feature Exhibits ~ SOLO + See The Light

Happy Monday! Did you enjoy IDS 2014? A friend of mine mentioned to me over lunch that she was a little overwhelmed by an entire floor filled with exhibitions and latest products/ ideas in the design world.  So for this week, I will be sharing with you my favourites from IDS 2014 and today, we are checking out SOLO and See The Light.

SOLO is an energy-efficient, multi-functional, prefabricated home full of style, top quality materials, and state of the art modern amenities, in less than 500 square feet.  I have always thought that pre-fab homes are sort of "cookie cutter" … well,  SOLO has certainly given me a whole new perspective on pre-fab modern living.

The interior design/decor and furnishings are the handy work of my dear friends at Style Garage and Gus* Modern.  The junction sectional is a versatile, club-style lounge seating arrangement that can be easily assembled into a variety of configuration thanks to its modular design.  This bright royal blue and mustard yellow plaid is a new fabric to the series and I think it works amazingly with the soft genuine leather in milk chocolate brown.  The Douglas Chunk coffee table and a pair of Pawn Stools bring an extra touch of nature into the space.  I also love the over-scale floor lamp for a hint of industrial vibe drama. 

Here is a small kitchen with big style! It is rather compact but has an efficient layout to maximize every square inch.  I love how the Delano kitchen island double duty as a food preparation space and a dining table.  The blushed copper shelves are such a sexy touch.  Adding a glossy glass backsplash, brilliant lighting above and below the cabinets, and a chef worthy induction cooktop and convection oven from Panasonic, I am sure Chris is ready to sign on the dotted line.  

The bedroom is simply restful and serene with a hip, contemporary sensibility.  Want to see the superb craftsmanship at Style Garage? Check out this headboard and side tables that combine various species of wood in perfect harmony.  The whimsical bedside table lamps, the one of a kind art, and the sharp textile contrast between the soft reindeer hide and the natural floor planks … what is not to love?    

The bathroom is compact in square footage but it feels spacious thanks to the sleek, streamlined vanity and a large mirror with natural walnut frame to visually expand the space.  A little hit of greenery is always welcome in my book … that's if I can actually keep them alive! Yes … I just killed a cactus last week.

Here are a few of my favourite items at #SOLO.  How about you?

One of the feature exhibits at IDS 2014 is "See The Light", where four design studios take a lighting fixture as the jumping off point for the space they designed.  First up is MHouseInc and its inspiration is a cluster of pendants from Kartell.  The space has a mid-century modern vibe and it is glamorous! The bold graphic patterns on the wall, the blue velvet curved sofa, the luxe table lamp and accessories in gold, this space is contemporary yet inviting and comfortable.      

MSDS Studio had my full attention the moment I turned the corner: a series of copper pendants in a sleek white tiled room + a full height mirror wall.  The space and pendants have effectively x 2 thanks to the mirror wall.  I love how the team plays off lights and reflection … such a fun optical illusion.  

The space by WilliamsCraig Inc. is sexy, moody, and I would love it as my masculine bachelor pad.  The leather daybed with reindeer hide, the groupings of blown glass inspired pendants, the series of antique mirrors, and the charcoal grey walls, every element in this space screams sexy to my ears.  Don't you just love that "shine your own light" installation? LOVE!!     

This cool, hip lounge space is designed by Cheryl Torrenueva reminds me of the stylish boutique hotels in SOHO New York.  The graphic wall murals and the modern furnishings are in a monochromatic palette to ensure the chandelier and the wall sconces are the showstoppers.  How clever!   

So what do you think? Have you check out the Feature Exhibits at IDS 2014? I would love to hear which one is your favourite!

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