Friday, January 3, 2014

219 Shop Special ~ Her Room + Greetings from Paris!

Hello Friday! If you have been following me on Instagram, you probably know that Paris is amazing! Chris and I (+ a bad cold) arrived on new year's eve.  I was so ready to just stay in bed for the evening until Chris dragged me to Sacre Coecur 15 minutes before midnight.  Chris brought along a bottle of champagne and hundreds if not thousands of cheerful guests to countdown with us (and a couple of firework fun).


The last two days in Paris have been busy with the hop on and off big red double-decker bus, and we have visited the Eiffel Tower at various occasions: rainy day, bright blue sky, and clear noir backdrop.  This timeless beauty is truly magnificent and an absolute stunner.  Just as I thought I'd seen the best of her … she had me stunned again!   

Here is a light show that had me mesmerized last night.

The sky is slightly cloudy today but the sun should be out shortly.  I will checking out a few areas and hunting for this poster I spied on Nina's trip in the summer.  Wish me luck!

Before I head out, I am delighted to have the lovely Christine of 219 Shop (who also loves Paris I must add) to be my guest today.  Remember the HIS Room I shared with you before the holidays, Christine is here today to share HER Room with us.  

I am crazy about that rug and the chandelier! Enjoy friends xoxo


I’m honoured to have been asked by Tim to do a guest post for the fabulous blog that is Design Maze, and before I launch in, just a few words about my friend Tim.  I know I speak for all of us when I say that Tim is an ongoing source of design inspiration. I so admire his confidence and especially his originality and am always looking forward to living vicariously through his next project, most recently including #projectChris – stay tuned!!!

But what’s more is that behind all that, Tim is one of the kindest and warmest people you could ever hope to meet. Getting to know and working with Tim over the past while has truly been my pleasure! He has all of the ingredients to be successful, and I wish him nothing but!!

You may recall a wee while back that Tim had put together his vision for a masculine space à la 219, and while I’m kinda crazy for the boy aesthetic, for today’s post I corralled up some of my fave pieces from the shop to create the feminine counterpart - #herroom.

Although my tastes seem to be a moving target – definite occupational hazard - the constant for me is always the palette – i.e. shades of white, black and brass – along with the mix - it’s always about the mix: the high gloss lacquer of the pair of architectural Dynasty Screens against the raw metal patina of the Oly pedestal and the weathered brass of the fireside tables; classic pieces such as the tufted salon chairs mixed with some edgier and sculptural accessories; or the shades of white palette with hits of black and skins all work together to mix it up.

Bottom line, it’s all about what resonates for you. So fill your space with what you love, and you can’t go wrong!

Very same that applies for the New Year: here’s hoping that Twenty Fourteen brings you closer to all that’s near and dear! To thy own self be true.

Christine xo




  1. Love your little videos from Paris, Tim! Was so great meeting you in Europe!!

  2. Please stop with the Paris photos Tim! No, don't stop! Agh, I'm so jealous of your trip ;) Glad you are having a wonderful time.

    Christine's room is fabulous, so bold and original. And I agree with everything she said - you are so talented and one of the kindest people out there Tim.