Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Pressure Is ON!

Hello Wednesday! I am so excited about my trip to Europe coming up this Friday.  I have waited for 13 months for this to happen and it is now just around the corner.  Chris and I will be going to a few different cities in Germany, a few days in Barcelona + spending NYE in Paris.  How Romantic is that?

images via 1/ 2/ 3
I will be spending some fabulous time with these two gents for some happy and bright decor inspirations!  Yay to blog bros reunion.

image of Will & Igor
Now before all that can happen on Friday, I have a serious case of nasty cough and this is exactly how I feel right now.

image via
On top of fighting a cold, my passport was expired in September and I've only discovered that on Monday night! I screamed, panicked, and rushed to the passport office to renew my passport yesterday.  Fingers crossed it will be ready for pick up by tomorrow morning.

image via 
Now back to something that enlightens my dampened spirit, a pair of Jake Stools by Sarah Richardson is happening at #ProjectChris.  We've tested out for size over the weekend and they worked beautifully over the breakfast bar.  I am planning to upholster it with grey faux ostrich leather for the most part and with a pop of pattern at the back with this pop flower from Kravet.

chair image via Sarah Richardson Design
Drapes order have also been placed and yes we are going for this graphic Ming Dragon & preppy stripes from Tonic Living.  I can't wait to see the panels when I am back from my trip!

images via Tonic Living
Now. .. time to get some rest.  xo


  1. I think you should post your passport pictures (especially the one in your expired passport).

  2. Love this post, Tim and can't wait to see you in Munich & Paris. Oh my, that dog is so funny, that could be you, Will & I all at once with our nasty cold:-)) Safe travels & get well until then!!

  3. Hope your passport is ready and you feel better. Happy holidays and Happy New Year! Paris - I'm so jealous!