Friday, November 29, 2013

2013 Holiday Special ~ The Home Depot

Hello Black Friday!  It has been an exhausting couple of days with busy schedule, lots to coordinate for #ProjectChris (especially when I am in Calgary), and a very sad time with the passing of my uncle.  It has been a few years of constant battle with a deadly cancer and after three rounds of heroic fights, my uncle is now at a happy place with no more pain and suffering.

My uncle was truly a handy man, a fantastic chef, and had a great sense of humour.  He loved visiting his local HomeDepot to pick up items for his projects and had helped me with numerous home projects.  It is our family tradition celebrate Christmas together as a family, and we always had a good laugh thanks to my uncle.  You will truly be missed at our gatherings but you will always be in our hearts.

I would like to delicate today's Holiday Special at The Home Depot to my late uncle: for his love of home improvement projects and to cherish our memories of Christmas past.

The HomeDepot has teamed up with the one and only Martha Stewart for 5 exclusive collections for this holiday season: Arctic Holiday, Celebrate, Midnight Holiday, Winterberry, and Metallic Woodland.  First up is Metallic Woodland.  If you love all things simple, rustic, and organic, this is the collection for you.  With sculptural rattan reindeers, bronze ornaments with subtle sheen, and a charming multifaceted tree-topper in muted gold, Metallic Woodland is festive, heart-warming, and it is perfect for your winter chalet.     

Jewel tones are hot this season and the trend setting Martha has curated this majestic collection in rich royal blue and vivid mossy green.  I am an addict to Christmas decor and I don't believe I have seen such luxe, sumptuous palette before.  Midnight Holiday, it is truly a mesmerizing collection and for those of you who would like to wow your guest with something unexpected, start the car is what I would say!

The popular icy blue collection is back and this year, Martha has added the adorable owl and silvery nutcracker to this timeless holiday favourite.  My absolutely heart in this collection? This mini silver berry wreath ornament.  It reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's … who doesn't want that on Christmas Day?    

For the traditionalists at heart, Winterberry has your name all over it.  Martha has given the collection a refreshing spin by mixing shapes, textures, and finishes such as shiny, matte, and glitter in this amazing assortment of ornaments in red, gold, and copper!

I had a fabulous time at the Holiday Preview and The Home Depot team couldn't have picked a more perfect location to treat us with an inspiring visual feast … along with the delicious artisanal pastries at Bobbette and Belle.  Blow torching marshmallow hot chocolate, french macarons, star-shaped shortbread cookies, I loved and thoroughly enjoyed them all! 

Well there is another thing I just have to take home with in this collage … 

That's right, this sparkling Eiffel Tower had me at hello and here is a sneak peek of how I've brought Paris right at home for this holiday season. 

So which collection is your favourite? I would love to see pictures of these festive collections from the Home Depot at your own home.  Happy shopping everyone! 

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  1. nice xmas decor with the eiffel tower,the hot pink and the grey - what is your wall colour?