Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Fun ~ 10.27.2013

Hello Monday! The temperature took a deep dive the past few days and all of a sudden I thought we are already in early December.  Well ... it is not like I haven't started decorating for the holidays already (see this & this at my Instagram).  Decorating aside, I was also busy working out a game plan at Chris' new place.  YES, the papers are signed and it's now with the lawyer for a final review.  Fingers crossed all goes well and the real fun (for me at least) will soon begin!

For this round of builder's dream transformation, I am calling it #ProjectChris and here is the blank slate.  What we like about this layout is that there is hardly any wasted square footage.  Generally there will be a passage way to get from the entrance, passing the kitchen, into the open concept living/dining space.  In this case, the passage way is worked into the kitchen zone.  SMART!

I also like that the unit is flooded with natural light thanks to the trio of huge windows in the living room, a glass door to the balcony, and two more windows in the bedroom.  The walk-in closet is small, so we have asked the builder to remove the door/frame and we will install sliding door.  That way, we can also use the valuable wall space.  A full length mirror perhaps?

Another item we have asked the builder to fix before handing over the keys is to close off the door to the bathroom via the bedroom.  I am a firm believer of master ensuite ... everyone wants one.  But in  a simple one bedroom + den unit with three doors within a 5 feet radius, I rather have the wall space in both the bedroom and the bathroom.

Off to the fun stuff.  Here is my furniture layout and wallpaper possibilities in each of the space.  Chris is getting seriously concerned about the fact that we may have wallpaper into each room.  Well, it does look crazy here but these are more like options, only one wallpaper at most will be the winner for each space.     

Since closing could be less than 30 days and Chris wants to move out of his current rental as soon as possible, the bedroom is the highest priority at this point.  Storage is important in this bedroom (the walk-in closet is not that spacious ... did I just say that again?), the main furniture pieces in the space will also double as storage solutions.  Thank GOD Chris likes the Aerin Charlton wall sconce by Visual Comfort (available at 219).  A pair of them to serve as bedside table lamps and to free up the surface for books and a glass of water.

A storage unit from Style Garage is also on my list and so is this IKEA Mandal bed.

To incorporate some of my personal favourites in this bedroom, I am dreaming a faux bamboo chandelier, a pair of pagoda table lamps (on the credenza), grasscloth wallpaper by headboard wall, and perhaps the cheerful Cole & Son on the opposite wall, and comfy + stylish Harry at the corner.

Living room is on my list to tackle next and the crazy part is, I actually have collected most of these items already! All we need is to do is to decide on the wallpaper (Apex or Mosaic) and to have Christine's super talented carpenter, Allen, to build me a media storage piece.

While I was looking online for fabric inspiration, I came across this new fabric from Caitlin Wilson Textiles.  Isn't she divine? I just love the palette and I know you ladies will too!  I wonder if I would be able to sneak this into #ProjectChris.   

image via Caitlin Wilson Textiles
More dreaming, planning, sneak peeking at #ProjectChris over the next couple of months.  Now for the Halloween party coming up in 2 short days, Style at Home has got you covered with creative ideas on decor, sweet treats for one spooky evening.  How are you decorating for Halloween this year? 

image via Style at Home
The office is having a Halloween party on Friday and I am trying to figure out what to bring to the table.  Will of Bright Bazaar made me want to start baking with these super fun and delicious cupcakes.  Check out his Bright Bakes series

image via Bright Bazaar
Off to work and more tile fun later.  Stay tuned!


  1. I'm so excited for you and Chris about the new place. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything goes through OK. Great to see your plans for the space - I love the polka dot bedding and the passage that has been incorporated into the kitchen... clever design! Have a great week!

    P.S. Thanks for the sweet link love! Let me know if you make these sweet cupcakes! :)

    1. Thanks Mr! Just hope that Chris doesn't stop me from having "fun" in the decor department!

      Will try the cupcake on Friday. We didn't have fondant on the weekend :)

  2. Blush is such a beautiful colour to incorporate into a home.I would love to see it in a mostly white room with a few touches of black.

    1. yes!! it's gorgeous isn't it? I just decorated my living room for the holidays with blush in mind!

  3. Beautiful round-ups, as per usual! And thanks for sharing, as always :)

  4. OMG...I think you just gave me the inspiration for my baby girl's room! I LOVE that fabric!

  5. space planning in floor plan does not look in scale. not sure why its not? I see this all the time, drives my crazy...