Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving ~ 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Monday!  I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful long weekend.  If you have been following me on Instagram, you probably have seen a few pictures of my mini vacay up at Collingwood.  I absolutely love spending my days up here doing nothing but admiring the beauty of nature, hiking along the Beaver Valley, pampering myself at the spa, and enjoying mouth-watering meals - family style.

Fall color is certainly a big draw of many to visit the Beaver Valley for the spectacularly vivid landscapes.  We did a few hikes over the past couple of days and man the one on Saturday was more than 5 hours long!! Lesson Learned: never trust a German when he tells you it's a "manageable" hike!  Nonetheless, the views were incredible and here are a few of my favourites:

I was in charged for the sandwich department for our daily lunch ... egg, turkey breast, lettuce, avocado, gouda, and rosemary bread (freshly baked by local bakery: Brilliant!): so DELICIOUS!  Rather healthy too, don't you think?  

As much as I tried to stay off-grid while I am out of town, I was delighted to have spotted an Instagram picture of Meredith new purchase at Paul Smith.  I love its signature stripes and so is Meredith.  She guided me to this super chic foyer and man I am hooked!! It is time again for foyer rethink.  Speaking about stripes, I also found a vintage blanket at the B&B ... so tempted to offer the owner a deal.

left image via
Thanksgiving 2013 is also our 6th Anniversary ... this is like silver anniversary already in gay years.  So we spent our Sunday at the spa: who knew spending a day at hot pools, cold pools, sauna, steamroom, and taking naps on a hammock could be this exhausting! Breathtaking scenery and amazing weather: we totally lucked out.

Our anniversary dinner was at our favourite local restaurant, Flying Chestnut, in Eugenia.  Super delicious food and if you are in the area, you have got to check it out.  Reservation recommended and you won't be disappointed.

Before heading out this Thanksgiving Monday for more outdoor fun, here is a magical shot from Friday evening when I caught this magnificent creature looking at the sunset.  He is such a stunner!

Time to head out ... Happy Thanksgiving Monday friends!


  1. Tim your photos just get better and better! I love the light in these shots and all the atmospheric fall details and colours. Plus, you know me - I love stripes so that blanket and entryway are totally winning in my book!

    1. Thanks Will! I just love being up north and away from the city once in a while to unwind my hectic city life. We must go one time when you come visit Toronto!