Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Fun ~ 09.22.2013

Hello Monday! For those of you who have been following along via Instagram, you probably have spotted a few highlights of my busy, yet laughter and inspirational filled weekend.  BlogPodium is truly an incredible experience for all bloggers to learn, collaborate, and more importantly to grow.  I will share the invaluable knowledge and advices I picked up at BlogPodium soon, but for today, let's have some fun at the party!

A big thank you to the talented and dedicated BlogPodium team for working super hard to enrich the blogger community, encourage fellow bloggers to connect with each other & brands, and last but not least, the team had invited Sarah Richardson as our Keynote!

It was so nice to work along side with you Tia on the decor setup, and Shannon, I LOVE all your  decor ideas!  Now I know who to call when I need to throw a party!  Brittany, we have got to hang out next time I am in Waterloo!  Jen & Lisa, it is always a pleasure (xoxo).  Lauren and Ashleigh, sorry I didn't get to say hi this time.  I look forward to meeting you two soon!

Learning aside, BlogPodium was also a fantastic time with catch up with good friends and make some new ones! Neil, heart your dance move: black swan style.  Cheryl, I can't wait to see your "offsite" office this Wednesday!  Christine, so nice to see you & we need to meet up again soon!  Janine, Deb, and Amber, thanks so much for the fun chats and Ken, it has been way too long since our last coffee!     

The photobooth was truly fun and here are a few of my favourites! Thanks again Shannon and Robin for putting together the glam and chic backdrop! 

Before I wrap up, I want to share with you three fashion statements that brightened my Sunday. 

1.  The vibrant raspberry red boots at Bright Bazaar (so chic you Mr. Will!
2.  Smythe Jackets for men?  YAY!! 
3.  Isn't he the most handsome soldier ever?   

left images via Bright Bazaar / Smythe Jackets
And a little music fun I came across yesterday.

Oh ... one last exciting news to share: Sun Life Financial has just launched the Brighter Life Campaign and the #BrightenYourHome contest.  One of three lucky winners every week will take home $1000 to improve their homes until October 7.  Lindsay, Vanessa, and moi have shared our dreams here on how to brighten our home with $1,000. 

image via Brighter Life 
To enter the contest, simply check out here and the $1000 could be yours!  

Living in small spaces with three kids (with the forth one joining in soon) doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style for practicality.  Designer Lisa Canning is here to help and here are her bright ideas for living small!   

Have a nice one friends! xoxo


  1. Great recap! It was nice to say hello..if only for a brief moment!

    1. I can't wait to read yours too! xoxo

  2. It was great seeing a friendly face in the first row. Although we didn't really meet in person - it was great to see you!

    1. Thanks Giulia for your tips on blog life balance! It certainly is something I am having a tough time handling. I took lots of notes and hope I will be able to work out a game plan real soon! xoxo

  3. Great recap, Tim! I am so glad we had a chance to meet, you are even sweeter in person! Hope to see you again soon!!

  4. Tim! It was so great to chat with you. I hear through the grapevine that you are down in Waterloo every few weeks. I live about a block away from Bridgeport plaza in UpTown, so we'll have to grab a drink sometime when you're in town.