Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Fun ~ 09.15.2013

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? Did you check out the Style Garage 9th Annual Sample Sale? I just love this video at 8:30am sharp on Saturday morning, as it was exactly how I remembered my experiences from my past few line-ups.  Love to know what you've scored!

I didn't get to check out the sale this weekend (I will fill you in on that in a second).  However, I did find some amazing deals at Winners during its Designer Runway event.  Check out this pair of bad boys by McQueen, a white leather belt from Dolce & Gabbana, and say hello to this super chic black & white geometric rug at HomeSense.  It reminds me the signature floorings by Mary McDonald.  

Speaking about inspirations, I am just absolutely in love with this mosaic pattern I spied via Genevieve Gorder.  What an amazing detail! Trying to maximize storage as much as possible, I also picked up some tips from Contemporist for an ingenious designed space with this built-in under the staircase.

Back to why I wasn't able to attend the Style Garage sale.  My duty for the weekend was to be the tough cookie to discuss/ negotiate design and structural details for Chris at his new place (well ... potential new place).  Things were going smoothly until Friday night when Chris decided to visualize the sizes of the rooms.  Well ... lets just say it was an eye opener and Chris realized he needs a larger unit!

stop images via 1/ 2
Last minute change isn't exactly my forte (Chris just attested to that as I typed ... I kid you not), but I did manage to pick an alternative model at 7:30am Saturday morning and mapped out a layout that we like.  So here is the new game plan with a BEFORE & AFTER:

For this chapter of last minute home shift, I referred to this elegant and functional kitchen designed by Natalie Hodgins of Sarah Richardson Design at her new home. 

images via Sarah Richardson Design

Want to take a tour with Natalie? I bet you do.  Here is the video from Chatelaine:

I am sure you fans of Sarah out there must know that her brand new show, "Real Potential", is set to premiere this Thursday, September 19th!  Two exciting back-to-back episodes are coming at right you, and I will be sitting on my sofa 9pm sharp, ready to be inspired by this brand new series!

image via HGTV
Before I wrap up today's post, I came across this most touching video on YouTube on the weekend and oh mine, I would have cried like a baby if Chris pulls this off.  #superSUPERsweet!  From the hopeless romantic to you all!



  1. Why won't they air Sarah's shows in America?!! Argh! I love her and I'd love to see her new series!

    1. no worries Danielle! I will be doing a weekly recap here! Be sure to visit me Wedesday next week!

  2. Oh wow McQueen at Winners and that rug! Great scores. I was all welling up when I watched that proposal video my friend shared with me on FB. Are you sure Chris doesn't have that planned for you some day?! :)

    1. No kidding! I was so happy when I saw them. Have my eyes on a D&G wallet. Will have togo back for a revisit tomorrow.

      Isn't that just such an incredible proposal? I don't think chris is as creative about that ... but man I would totally just jump right down to say yes if he pulls that off!

  3. Aww, the video just made me smile. So sweet ! I hope Chris does something like that
    in the future :) He's a German, isn't he? I'm with a German man as well and I am the hopeless romantic too!