Friday, September 13, 2013

Store Alert: Style Garage Annual Sale 2013!

Hello Friday! Let's cut to the chase this morning ... a lot is happening this weekend and I simply can't hold back my excitement.  I am heading to Kitchener to check out a real possibility Chris likes, and my job is to walk through the questions and specific details before he signs on the dotted line!  YAY!

Now for those of you who are in town this weekend, you have got to check out the 9th Annual Style Garage Sample Sale! It is one of the most popular sales in town and from my previous experiences here, here, and here, I know you won't go home empty handed.

images via Style Garage
I know I am crazy to start thinking about the furniture layout at this stage, but Chris wants to make sure the space would work for his needs before committing to the largest purchase of his life. So who am I to say no to that request right? Wink! 

What we really like about this main floor is the layout of the kitchen.  I of course love the u-shape kitchen with a wrap around counter space + breakfast bar at the end as a peninsula.  Caesar Stone counter + waterfall style to finish off the bar off please!  To further enhance storage in this kitchen, I am installing full height pantry along the wall.  Slim and sleek is what I am in mind.  French doors with black frames are dreamy and they provide such grandeur to welcome guests to the balcony. 

Inspired by Mazen Studio (both his own home and the space at IDS 2012), I am having the dining table positioned as such to allow for maximum multi-function possibilities.  What a perfect idea to utilize limited square footage.

Before I take you to the living room, these are my dream items I would love to hunt for at the Style Garage sale for the Dining/Cooking zone.  Custom craftsman dining table with sexy stainless steel X-base, four of these super comfy Thompson Chairs for a chic black & white color play-up, and a pair of these Richard Shelves as pantry for an instant architectural presence. 

images via Style Garage
Now for the living room, obviously I wasn't too crazy about the builder's original furniture layout.  So I went shopping at Style Garage and fell in love with the handsome Club Sectional for its tailored yet relaxed look.  A round coffee table makes better flow in tight spaces and I know Chris will love this faux-bois pattern on this Root Coffee Table.  A pair of airy and comfortable Truss Chairs to up the lounge sensibility and hip urban vibe (maybe a side table will go between them ... we will see).  The Lightbox will go at the corner between the sofa and the chairs to function as both light source + side table.

To ground the living zone, I am craving for this sensual Cowhide Rug.  Love the warmth and organic look it gives to the space.

images via Style Garage
One last piece of the puzzle is the media unit.  Chris doesn't want a big piece of furniture blocking traffic flow when he rushes out in the morning.  So this totally customizable Modular Sideboard is ideal for the task.  Love the walnut finish with sleek stainless steel handles and base + a marble top.  This my friend is the winner!
images via Style Garage
Sadly I won't be able to line up at the Style Garage sale this Saturday since I will be in Kitchener talking structural changes and contract details.  But you should totally go, especially if you are looking for top quality, locally made furniture at a fraction of retail prices.  For instant update and information, be sure to follow Style Garage on Facebook and Twitter!

Good luck to you all, and please do come back to tell me about your scores at this exciting annual sale!

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