Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Guest Post ~ Sarah Gunn + BlogPodium Contest!

Hello Wednesday! I am still hanging onto my #OutWestVacay and not ready to jet back home yet.  As a matter of fact, I just changed my flight to extend my stay until Friday evening, giving me three extra days to enjoy what Calgary has to offer.  WOOHOO!!

To look after you all with inspirations while I am on vacay, it is truly my pleasure to have the lovely and talented Sarah Gunn here today to share with us some of her favourite DIY ideas!  Sarah is a total sweetheart in person, an absolutely fireball of fun to hang out with, and she is also your DIY expert on Cityline.  To add to her resume, Sarah is a contributor to the popular YummyMummyClub and has been published in Our Town Magazine and Today's Parents.   

images via Sarah Gunn Style
Want to see a beautiful room Sarah put together for Jules? I think you do! 

Don't you just love the use of coral and turquoise, mixing in with creamy white and soft grey for a bedroom fills with pretty hues, patterns, and texture? GORGEOUS!  

images via Sarah Gunn Style
Without further delay, Sarah is here to share with us her favourite DIY ideas.


Hello there! I am so happy to be sharing my love for DIY here on Tim’s blog. Creating beautiful things has long been a passion of mine. It is the way I express myself and it’s how I personalize my home with custom pieces.
I know some people are intimidated by DIY projects, worried they can’t do it properly, or that the results will be too amateurish. If you choose a project, do the research and use the proper materials and (most of the time) it will be perfect.
If you want to start small, choose a simple project like these coasters, created using tiles and favourite instagram photos:

Shop kijiji, antique shops, yard sales, or your local thrift store, to search for items with potential. Often, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to take something from dated to fantastic:

To keep projects on budget, use what you have at home. This colourful chevron tray was made with a cookie sheet and a fabric remnant.

Stencils are an amazing way to transform anything from walls to rugs to wrapping paperRoyal Design Studio and Cutting Edge Stencils both offer an amazing selection of stencils for any type of project.

Holidays are the perfect time to try a new DIY project and Halloween is just around the corner. Add a little spook to your mantel with a trio of art created using scrapbook paper and Halloween themed wine labels.

There are some things every DIYer needs in their tool kit: a paper cutter, a really great primer, Mod Podge, a glue gun, good quality paint brushes of all sizes, and foam rollers. Add a side of patience and a sense of humour (for those occasions when the DIY turns into a DI-ugly) and you are ready to go!
Thank you so much Tim for having me on your beautiful blog today! xo


Pretty amazing isn't it?  My favourites have to be the coasters (check out that adorable face) and I am most impressed with the stencil DIYs.  Can't wait to tackle that myself!

Before I head back to #OutWestVacay, have your heard of this once in a life time opportunity to have a tea party with Sarah Richardson at her office? If you are attending BlogPodium, you have to enter this contest!

image via BlogPodium
Now get busy pinning your dream room, and happy hump day friends!

p.s. the inspirational boards for #TeawithSarahRichardson are up and they are phenomenal! Check out all 28 of them at BlogPodium!


  1. Thank you so much for having me on your stunning blog, Tim! Can't wait to see you at Blogpodium. xoxo

  2. Thank you, Tim. I've seen many of Sarah's diys; she has some mad skills :)
    (Hi Sarah!)