Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Home: Christine Dovey @ Bijou and Boheme

Hello Wednesday! How is your week treating you so far? It has been two busy days over here, but I am so happy to have met Jenn Hannotte of Hannotte Interiors for the photo shoots.  I can't wait to see the pictures Jenn took, and of course my Instagram friends did spy a few behind-the-scenes shots in the past couple of days.  Hope you like the little changes I've made to my home, as I am truly thrilled with the new design elements I've introduced to the space.

Speaking about being inspired, I am sharing with you today an absolutely beautiful home designed by the talented Christine Dovey of Bijou and Boheme.  I have been meaning to do a house tour of her stunning home for months, so you can imagine my excitement today.  

images via Bijou and Boheme
This living room is sensational at so many levels.  I admire Christine's confidence in her love of pink.  It is a tricky color to use without making the space looks too "girly".  Here, the soft, delicate pink is complemented by light, fluffy whites, shots of shiny gold, and sumptuous black accents for a delightful, feminine, and sophisticated living space for this active family of six.

I also love the furniture layout of the living room.  The sofa sits in the middle of the room to provide seating and doubles as a room divider between the two zones: one for TV watching and one for cozy conversations.

You all know I love styling and Christine, hats off to your impeccable taste and sharp eye for vintage treasures.  You and I need to go shopping!  Ok, Chris didn't see this.

images via Style at Home
If you are looking for a serious shot of kitchen inspiration, this is IT! So much eye candies and absolutely practical to prepare meals for the young family.  This dreamy kitchen is a fab creation by Meredith of Meredith Heron Design in collaboration with Christine. The custom cabinets are divine and I simply couldn't say enough of how much I love the antique mirrors as a couple of tall cabinet doors.  What a perfect way to add depth and something extra special to the space.  Genius! 

Waterfall style island in white marble, jew-droppingly beautiful brass hardware, vintage chandeliers (love the pair of original Murano) and can we have an appreciate moment of those amazing drapes?  Beautiful work ladies! 

A little side note, I am also in love with a masculine space Meredith currently works on.  It is filled with custom cabinet lacquered in high gloss grey.  This space totally makes my little heart skipped not one, but a few beats when I first saw it.  If you want more sneak peeks on inspiring work by Meredith, follow her on instagram

images via Style at Home
Back to Christine's home.  You know Christine wouldn't leave you feeling blah the moment you walked into her home.  Check out this captivating foyer for a memorable first impression.  I adore so many elements here, but my absolute favourite is the clever use of mirrors behind the chairs to reflect light and also to showcase the delicious floral upholstery at the back.

images via Style at Home
Christine's little girl has totally inherited her mom's creative, feminine gene, and check out this chic bedroom fits for a lady.  A bold choice for the gold floral wallpaper, but I wouldn't expect anything less from Christine.  The graphic yet intricate wallpaper is tampered by the use of solid whites via drapes, beddings, and area rug.  The shot of hot pink on the vintage settee and the sleek black trim accents anchor this princess' private retreat.

images via Style at Home
Here comes the boy's room.  This little guy is a fireball of happiness and his room, well ... simply a reflection of his playful, energetic, and loveable personality.  A+ for the use of navy & white palette with gold accents and a few safari fun.  Still in shocked that the deep blue dresser is an IKEA hack, and the fluid painting is actually Christine's handy work.   Bravo!   

images via Apartment Therapy
As if you don't secretly wish to be living under Christine's household right now (I DO!),  here comes the latest addition to the family: Baby Jasper! This nursery is a departure from Christine's signature mix of impactful hues and patterns.  Instead, this restful room is rich in subtle texture, sculptural furniture & fixture for visual interests, and all done brilliantly in creamy white.    

images via Style at Home
The chandelier and the sconces are truly to die for and so is the antique daybed.  Love the extra thick, tufted seat: very Bohemian Chic.  Being a sucker of the moulding and panel details seen in beautiful French apartments, this dreamy bedroom is high on my inspiration list.
images via Style at Home
The talents in this busy mother of four are absolutely incredible.  I heart her style in both fashion and interior designs, and I hope you love Christine's home as much as I do.

Now I am off for my mini vacay.  You can follow my trip on Instagram and I will be popping over at Bijou and Boheme for a guest post inspired by Christine Dovey

Happy Hump Day friends!


  1. Such a great job in that kitchen by Meredith! I love the glass cabinets to show off all the kitchen wares - and the island!

  2. I am a big fan of Christine's designs! She is incredibly talented!

    Enjoy your vacation, Tim!


  3. It really is quite incredible! I love pink too and this is the best use of it I've ever come across. She's not bad either:)

  4. Have I told you that you are absolutely my favourite Tim? Thank you so very much for this gorgeous feature- I am beyond touched by your kind words and feel so honoured to call you a friend. Thank you, thank you!!!! xoxo

  5. She's so unbelievably talented! I'm such a fan of Christine and her work. Looking forward to meeting you both at Blogpodium!

  6. Lovely home! I regularly follow Christine's amazing blog, she sure is talented! I am especially in love with her little girls room; something i always wanted as a child!

  7. I love Christine and her style! Her entire home is amazing!! what a lovely feature!