Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Fun ~ 07.14.13

Happy Monday! Did you enjoy the first real sunny + warm weekend this summer? I was out of town on the weekend, but my friends in Toronto were over at Centre Island and from what I could see, the weekend was a huge success at the beach!  While I am super jealous of seeing all the kids being off school and get to enjoy the short months of summer we have in Toronto, I am glad to be invited to the HomeSense fall/ winter preview last week.

Three words to sum up the media preview: Luxe . Glam . Fabulous.  From inspiring reads of high fashion / top interior design ideas, decadent quartz agate bookends, sensational glass teardrops chandelier (I am hunting this for my own home), to soft feather accessories, I am talking luxurious home decor at unbelievable prices.

The HomeSense team (thanks Tamara, Sarah, and Shane for the tour) did a phenomenal job putting together the breathtaking vignettes with goodies soon to be available at the HomeSense locations near you.  Here is a sneak peek from the preview, and you will know why I was floored at the showroom.

Before heading out of town, I made a quick stop at EQ3 Liberty Village to pick up a set of cheerful signature marimekko beddings for my next mini project.  Curious to know what I am up to? You will soon find out I promise.

My duty on the weekend was to accompany Chris to search for his dream home.  Condos, houses, or lofts, there were a few options and our Toronto dollar certainly goes a lot further in Waterloo.  Just to put it to perspective: I can probably trade in my 750 sqft condo in downtown Toronto for this period home full of characters.   

House No.1 was actually a bit "too much house" for what we need (after all, Chris is the only one living there and I am only visiting every other weekends at most), so I turned around and spotted this charming home in just the right size + matured trees + adorable side door that leads to an enchanted secret garden.  Sadly this house is not on the market ... we will have to wait.  Fingers crossed.

We might have come home empty-handed from our house hunting adventure, but I can always count on my favourite HomeSense in Waterloo for amazing finds (yay to seeing Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, and Nathan Turner all in my cart) and fresh seasonal blooms from St. Jacobs. These colorful types & symbols from "Summer Sale" at EQ3 + a light bulb right in front of it definitely put a big smile on my face! 

So how was your weekend? I would love to hear about it.  Another fantastic giveaway coming up on Wednesday for those who are looking for some helps for your DIY projects.  And a reminder for those who has not yet entered the giveaway from pi'lo, we are on until 11:59 pm Thursday July 18th.

Happy Bright Monday folks!


  1. Great to have a peek into your house hunting over the weekend... amazing to see what moving out of the city can get you, right? P.S. The Kate Spade book is a winner! Have a great week, pal! x

  2. That tear drop chandelier is from Robert Abbey's Bling collection. I have that in my master bathroom. What I really like are those two Paris Flea Market-alike chandeliers in the dinner party picture. I am seriously thinking of having two of those in my dining room. They would work perfectly with a long rectangular dining table. Do you know where they are from? Thanks.

  3. Thanks buddies! Love the Books and that chandelier ... I am dying to find it in store. Not sure where the other chandeliers are from but they should be at HomeSense in the near future Michelle!

  4. Wowzers! What an activity filled weekend you had my friend! I enjoyed a real summer weekend here and got a sore throat - guess I had too many chilled drinks! Anyway! Oh, I love both dream homes here. I could see myself visiting in both, so go on:-))))